Just like individuals may need help in their real estate investments, real estate companies also need help in succeeding in their business. Your company may be good at construction but lacking in other fields like marketing, designing or accounting or even feasibility studies. bti Brokerage Services offer a robust range of services to boost your performance in the real estate sector.

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Over the years, real estate has become a highly specialized sector, with over 2000 companies competing against each other. Data gathered shows that 90% of sales come from the top 10 real estate companies. The factors which are important to the buyer for selecting the right property are, the design of the building and the layout of the apartment; the quality of construction and the reputation and brand value of the developer. Surprisingly, the price of the apartment is not a key factor for the buyer when making a choice. Most buyers are willing to pay a little more to get the best product.

bti Brokerage services is a part of a leading real estate company which has a 34 year experience. It has been established with a mandate to offer our company’s expertise and know-how to our fellow developers to help them succeed.

We are committed to providing you with high quality professional services which will bring the best results for your company. We will ensure that there is never a conflict of interest between our valued customer (yourself) and our parent company bti. Therefore as a policy we have decided to only take on projects in locations which do not compete with any project of bti. Furthermore, we work totally independently and our mandate is to protect the interests of our customer (yourself).

Our services:

  • Project Design
  • Property Sales and Marketing
  • Legal Advisory
  • Buyer home loan facilitating
  • Our Expertise and Advantages

    A wealth of knowledge in design of buildings

    Over the past 34 years we have dealt with more than 5000 customers and through these interactions, we have come to understand the needs, emotions and expectations of the home buyer with regards to the design of the building and the layout of the apartment. Since we are one of the few companies in the real estate industry of Bangladesh which deals with all the different socio economic segments of the market, we understand the subtle differences in the needs and tastes of the different categories of the buyers. We also understand the features and specifications which would be appropriate for the different segments of the market.
    Our design team consists of a most experienced and talented team of architects and engineers who are specialized in the real estate sector. We therefore feel that we are in a strong position to offer our design services which would add value to your project.

    A dynamic Sales and Marketing Team

    We put maximum emphasis on training our team members. We regularly and continuously provide in house training for the sales team by experienced and qualified sales professionals. Additionally we frequently arrange training sessions for our sales team by prominent external sales experts and consultants.
    As our partner, you will receive the full benefit of this expertise from our fullydedicated and highly skilled sales team.
    Apart from our dynamic sales team, our market intelligence and evaluation with frequent market price surveys sets the right price for your property.
    To support our sales team we have a data bank of almost 100,000 prospects. Your project will get the exposure to this large pool of prospective buyers through our digital marketing campaigns. We have a strong digital media presence throughour website and social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, Youtube etc. We also have our own creative team who knows all about presenting your property the right way to attract buyers both on line and off line.

    Freedom from legal hassles

    Our legal department can assist you with tailored and insightful adviceon all aspects of real estate transactions so that you and your customers canavoid costly lawsuits. We help you draft the Sale Agreement and Allotment letters in a way where you and your customers are both protected for a smooth sale without any future disputes. We engage the most prominent lawyers as retainers and this facility is also available for your benefit.

    Facilitating home loans for your buyers

    Over the years we have gained knowledge about home loan rules and procedures and built up excellent working relationship with most of the banks and financial institutions that are involved with giving specialized home loans to buyers. We can assist your buyers in applying for home loans and then facilitate the loan approval process for quick sanction to the eligible applicants.

    How we work

    Once you consent to use our service, we will determine the right selling price of your project through extensive market research. After agreeing on a selling price, the property will be listed for sale and marketed through on line and offline campaigns. You will be charged only at actuals for the paid campaigns. We will also screen our database which has over 100,000 prospective buyers and market your project to them digitally. Once a negotiation has been reached with a buyer, we will update you and proceed with the legal formalities. We will also help you with drafting the Sale Agreement and Allotment Letter and make sure that both the parties understand and agree to the terms and conditions to avoid future disputes. After issuance of the Allotment Letter and signing of the Sale Agreement, the proceeds of the sale will be transferred to you after deducting our commission.

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