The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the customer
and the essence of the space.

about bti Interior

bti Interior Solutions specializes in creating interior designs for homes as well as commercial spaces. We firmly believe that inspired, creative design works go hand in hand with clear and open dialogue between the customer and the designer. Our role in designing projects is to introduce you to design ideas and concepts that are very much you. Experience has taught us over and over again that when there is trust between both parties that is when magic happens. This is where we excel.

Because we proudly carry the name of bti, you can expect the best service and true quality backing our work all the way through. We pride ourselves in customer service which is why you should entrust your interiors with us.

Our scope of work consists of both consultancy as well as design and project management services. With the latter, we ensure that every project is executed and completed with the utmost quality and attention to detail. We manage all aspects of our projects in a highly efficient and organized manner, giving our customers peace of mind so that they can enjoy an exciting and stress-free design process.

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Our services:

Turnkey residential and commercial interior design and decoration consulting services

Concept development and project management

Interior design with modification of floor plans & furniture layouts

Kitchen and bathroom specialized designs

Interior styling and interior decoration

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Let’s get started with a free consultation of 30 minutes if you like what we have to say !

A free consultation is an ideal starting point asit helps you gain initial direction and/or allow you to explore sourcing us as your designing partners.

DIRECTION: This consultation is perfect for those who want to gain some initial direction but are happy then to work on their own. It is also meant for those who are looking for designers who can help with everything! You may have just moved homes, feel like your current décor is stuck in a time warp or are having a special event and need some ideas on how to change things up a little. We can help by listening to your ideas, adding our own and providing you with some clear direction on what the next steps should be.

SOURCING YOUR DESIGNER: A consultation is also a great starting point for those who are looking to source a designer to assist them on an on-going basis with their project. A consultation allows you to discuss and develop your plans and ideas prior to committing to a full-time project. It’s also a great ‘new home’ gift for your friends or family.

You can decide as to which type of designer you need – an interior architect who would be fantastic to give your home a completely new look or an interior designer who would be ideal to help you out in smaller projects and more to work with small spaces.

How are we Different?

  • Customer centric approach with 100% customer satisfaction
  • Premium quality raw materials
  • Specialized in-house designers and architects
  • Computer aided design approach
  • Cost effective and Customizable services
  • Quality Control through audit verification & clearance.
  • On time project delivery
  • One year warranty after service

Ideas to transform your space into a better one

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interior work sample two
interior work sample three
interior work sample four

Some of Our Work


What Our Customers Say About Us

One of the best teams I could have imagined to beautify by dream home. I am very happy with the output. Their design sense is amazing. Whoever enters my home is awed in surprise with the decoration by bti.

Major Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam and Family

"We are extremely delighted with the services of bti interior solutions. They did an amazing job to turn our apartment into a home. They understood our needs and delivered right on time, which made us greatly happy!"

Md. Abdul Jalil Chairman, Sreepur Upazila Parishad, Gazipur.

"bti interior solutions is very professional and provided just what I needed for my home interior design within budget."

Dr. Sumaiya Nasrin Specialist-Radiology, Square Hospital

"We are truly pleased with the interior service of bti interior solutions. Their creativity shines through their work and thanks to them; we now have the perfect home."

Mohammad Azizul Alam CEO, ADS Hong Kong & ADS HK Int’l Ltd., Hong Kong

"bti interior solutions gave us the home we always aspired for. Their customer service is excellent and we couldn’t have found a better interior service provider! Thanks to the team of bti interior solutions."

Shankar Kumar Hui Office Manager,  OBS GRUPPOCOIN, ITALY

"Thanks to bti interior solutions team for giving us the best interior design service we could find!"

Mr. Shahidul Islam Businessman, The Crest, A4

"bti interior solutions with their creativity and expertise understood what we wanted and designed our home just how we wanted it!"

Prof. Dr. Golam Mohiuddin Akbar FCPS (Surgery), FICS (USA), NIDCH

"bti interior solutions not only gave us an aesthetically designed home but also a place where we feel at home."

Dr. Akhtarun Nessa Flat owner, The Creed, Uttara

"Thanks to bti, my dream of owning a luxury apartment came true when I purchased Jahangir Villa at Gulshan 2. And bti interior solutions did a fantastic job with our apartment décor. Their interior service is truly top-notch!"

Md. Akbar Hossain FCA Chartered Accountant, Proprietor & Principal,  A. Hossain & Co.

"We are truly happy with the service we received from bti interior solutions. They delivered exactly what we wanted in terms of design and aesthetics!"

Iftekhair Ahmed Mojumder Intimate, C3

"bti interior solutions team demonstrated great skills in recognizing our tastes and implemented them in designing our home."

Mr. Habibur Rahman

FAQs for Interior

Interior design consultancy is available by bti Interior Solutions for residential, commercial & industrial spaces. If you have a home or a business, then we can help you create the perfect living space, corporate office, retail outlet, hotel, resort. We have also introduced landscaping into our scope of work.

At bti Interior Solutions, we give you a choice to hire an interior architect or an interior designer/decorator. Interior architects have expert knowledge on architectural elements and know how to optimize them best as well as have fundamental understanding of lighting, texture, depth, pattern and much more to give you an aesthetic and functional space. Interior designer/ decorator works best with small spaces to make them more functional.

It is costlier than doing it yourself. But then the details and services that accompany the cost are worth it. Contrary to popular belief, interior design can, however, be made to fit a budget. Sometimes, it can be economical as professionals in this line are experts on best materials available at best market prices and can be a great way to save on your time and money. However, we can work with realistic budgets to suit your requirements.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, an interior designer can make your small space bigger; dark rooms look brighter and add details to make your space maximize its potential.

Although most people think interior architects/designers are inflexible and rigid, a good interior designer will consult you from inception to implementation to understand your wants and needs. At bti Interior Solutions, we incorporate your needs into the design so that the space reflects your personality and you feel right at home.

Even if you are a creative person with an aesthetic sense, an interior designer has knowledge, understanding, expertise and connections which can transform your space into more than just a pretty space and add value to it. An interior architect has spent years on training to do this best.

In 2011. So far, we have successfully completed interior designs of more than 350 residential & commercial units. Recently, we have started concentrating on our own bti customers’ and landowners’ requirements though we welcome non- bti customers’ work too.

We are always excited to serve anyone who loves the idea of beautiful and functional spaces. However, we are best at serving customers who love the idea of long term relationships. Thus, those customers who also buy properties from bti benefit the most from taking our services. We have introduced post-handover services as a specialized branch of our workflow. To look after the concerns of our customers, a specifically assigned department and a rep for post-handover services has been deployed. This rep keeps a continuous relationship with our customers even after the one year warranty period is over. His sole objective is to help out our customers in any way required for years to come.

Design Consultancy services from bti Interior Solutions cover several categories of interior design work such as designing functional floor plans, preparing working drawing, doing furniture layout, providing detailed ceiling layout plans, color suggestions, bathroom and kitchen layout plans, plumbing designing, electrical plans. We do turnkey projects which include the designing and implementation of the interior design to relieve you of all worries.

Yes. We can design customized furniture and make it for all types of residential & commercial use.

Our name carries bti in it and we are an integral part of bti- a well reputed pioneer real estate company in Bangladesh since 1984. That is our biggest strength and possibly the biggest trust factor for our customers. We love to see our customers happy and everyone in bti Interior Solutions is geared to achieve this single goal. We also have highly professional architects, a skilled workforce, best quality of workmanship, quality inspections, strong sense of work ownership and a fantastic customer service department. We provide a one-year free service in case of any problems which may arise due to various unforeseen circumstances and we offer a one-stop solution for all your design needs.

We work best with building relationships and we back this philosophy by providing a one-year free service after handing over the work to you. You have no worries as we will be there behind you always to lend a helping hand and fix any problems in case they spring up. You are also welcome to call our customer service department and drop in for a cup of tea even if there are no problems at all!

You would have to initially pay 50% of the total amount once we agree to work together. After 50% of completion of work, 25% payment has to be made followed by another 25% after 75% work progress. You may feel that this is unfair, but in reality this is the best way to work as we need to pay people to execute the work timely for you.

bti is a well reputed company and as bti Interior Solutions is a part of bti, our business is that of trust. Please read the customers’ opinions about us to decide where we stand.

Generally, we take 30-90 working days for implementation of any work but it largely depends on what the work is.

Yes, of course! bti Interior Solutions does all kinds of renovation work such as civil work to change things around. We can create partition walls, design false ceilings, make workstations for home and offices. Bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations, cabinetry design, organizing your rooms, redoing electric wiring and lighting solutions – all are in the purview of our services.

Drop us a line or call us!

Email: info@btibd.org

Phone: +880175 566 4000

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