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Team bti is the backbone of our success. Find out a little more about the structure of our organization by reading more about each team. You will understand each department’s role better, and see the faces of the geniuses behind our company in bti Teams.


Accounts, Finance, Tax, & VAT

Our finance department helps us manage our relationships with banks as well as handle all kinds of payments. This is a very rigorous and complex process, which involves a lot of paperwork and double-checking, as bti has around 70 projects under construction at any given time of the year. Most of the back-end work goes on in this department. Our finance department is a silent warrior protecting us from financial struggles, and is not even seen by the face of the public, making it a very internal department. Our accounts, tax, and VAT departments help in preparing financial statements, recording all the financial transactions, and managing different accounts for bti and all the sister concerns.



We have a huge sales department, catering to all kinds of customers from different backgrounds. These salespeople are the bright, positive, and productive people that you will interact with when you purchase a property from bti. Many say that sales are the most critical stage as well as the final step for a company. For bti, sales are only a small portion of the experience. This is because our customers deeply connect with bti after the sale, with our Customer Service Department.


Customer Service & AR Dept.

This is the department that differentiates bti from the rest. If we had to emphasize one Unique Selling Point, it would be the unmatchable customer service that we provide our customers with. Our Customer Service Department contains the geniuses behind all of the services we provide to customers during construction, and after handover. Within CSD there are a few other departments, such as Customer Relation Department and Accounts Receivable. CRD is responsible for after-handover services, and AR for cash inflows from customers.


Business Development

This is where everything related to real estate begins for bti. Our business development department is responsible for finding landowners with whom we can have a joint venture with. This is a very delicate process and requires immense skill and the gift of the gab. Our executives are all highly trained and masters of giving you the perfect deal without compromising any benefits for both parties. Their work is more of an art than a science, as finding a landowner is not an easy job.


HR, Administration & IT

The reason bti’s company culture is the way that it is right now is because of our HR department. They are in charge of keeping the morale and environment of bti positive, productive, and innovative. The admin department is responsible for keeping our operations going smooth with our helping staff, our drivers, bti’s vehicles, and maintenance of the head office. The IT department helps out with our internal issues with technology, and keeps many departments efficient and well connected. All three departments are internal, and the customers are not directly related to these departments as they are only for the up keeping of bti’s environment.



The Audit department can be compared to the FBI within bti. All of the members of this team are highly trained accountants that have to approve of every single financial transaction that goes on within the company. This is a laborious task, as the number of purchases that goes on in a real estate company is no joke. If there is a delay in approval from the AUDIT department, everything goes on hold until it is justified that there is no theft occurring.

Brand & Mkt Team

Brand & Marketing Department

Whether it be traditional marketing with billboards, or digital marketing with our website, the ultimate goal in the marketing department is to achieve IMC (integrated marketing communication), which is making sure that bti is on all marketing platforms, to reach the maximum amount of potential customers. We want to show the world that bti is an extraordinary company that can offer the best possible services in terms of real estate development and other fringe benefits to our customers.



This is the department that procures all the of the raw materials and resources for bti to construct with, such as cement, rods, bricks, and more. This department works alongside construction and helps to minimise costs as much as possible. They are extremely hardworking, and each of them are an expert at their jobs as they consistently have to record information, maintain relationships, and hardest of all, bargain and receive the materials at the right timing.


bti Interiors Department

bti Interiors is an SBU of bti where we create interior designs tailored to the customer’s experience. It is an entirely separate business from our real estate business, and due to the depth of the operations, we have a separate team full of interior design experts. These employees have years of experience and love helping customers make their dream home interiors turn into a reality.

COO Operation


Operations is a very strategic department without which bti would be just another real estate developer. It ensures that the handovers of our projects are timely through means of cost estimation, procuring powerful electrical items such as generators from abroad, amongst other responsibilities. Because of this department, our construction department can also produce a schedule for delivering projects on a timely basis.

Buy flat, buy apartment


This department deals with negotiations and deals primarily, but also with bti’s public relations. We maintain a good reputation among society because of this department, and there is a lot of research and development that takes place here.

bti full team- CTG

Chittagong Team

This is the whole of bti’s Chittagong team. The team refers to all of the respective departments that are involved in creating the best possible customer experience for all of our customers in Chittagong. The size of the Chittagong team is not nearly the size of our team in Dhaka- yet, they are a big contributor to the reason why bti is known around Bangladesh, not just Dhaka. The operations of bti in Chittagong is growing, so you can expect only more bright, intelligent, and positive people to join the team!


Comilla Team

The Comilla team is fairly new in comparison to the Dhaka and Chittagong teams- thus, it is the smallest in size. The operations at Comilla are fewer than the other two cities- however, our team in Comilla is still contributing to bti! With mainly Standard Collection apartments available in Comilla, our dedicated team is working hard to spread the word about bti and its good prices for its flats. We are expecting the population of Comilla to increase, so we have gone to Comilla early to provide as many people with affordable homes as possible!

bti Construction Team-CTG

Chittagong Construction Team

The Chittagong Construction team helps us extend our branches from Dhaka to a place which is not as saturated with real estate developments and still has a huge potential for growth. The distance between the construction team in Dhaka and Chittagong is rendered insignificant, as the communication between the two is constant and consistent. Our Chittagong construction team is extremely efficient, as there are fewer personnel than the Dhaka construction team, yet, they are continuously meeting the requirements and standards of bti, the most major one being the timely hand overs of apartments.



bti Brokerage is an SBU of bti through which our clients can sell their property at an attractive price. bti brokerage team also serves those looking to buy a ready flat which may be a few years old but available for sale at an attractive price. Being a part of a leading real estate company, the bti brokerage acts a matchmaker with its large database of interested buyers and sellers. The employees add value for both the Buyer and Seller by being a neutral third party to ensure that the interests of both parties are protected. The entire team with its collective expertise ensures property buying and selling is a hassle free process and done through a reliable channel.

Construction Team


In order to have the highest quality construction, we need the highest quality construction department. The engineers in this department are the reasons that every detail of the architecture we design is created brick by brick in real life. It is a slow process to create a property, but our construction department is always looking for ways to make that process more efficient, ultimately handing the property over before time. Doing this is extremely beneficial to not only the customer for many reasons, but for bti as well.



This deals with the architecture of our buildings. It is a key aspect of the process of making property, as the construction department takes cue from the design department’s specifications. We have many different kinds of designs in accordance with the different collections we provide to our customers: Premium, Classic, Standard, and Commercial. Our team of virtuosic architects will be sure to make a design based on your specific vision and dream of a home or office.

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