5 Great Reasons to Buy a Flat in Uttar Khan

Housing is more than just a basic necessity for every person all over the world. Most people aspire to own a home someday to have a sense of accomplishment, a place of belonging and an umbrella of security over their heads. However, although buying a home is a long-cherished dream of many, there are many factors to consider like location, amenities, pricing and so on. All of these can be overwhelming for a first time home buyer. To help you out, in this article here you will get a general idea of the benefits of owning a flat in Uttar Khan .

Good connectivity

Despite being a developing area, Uttar Khan offers easy access to other parts of the city with its developed infrastructure. And since Dhaka is developing on the northern zone, the area is bound to see more developments in the near future.

The area also harbors a number of bus stops to make commuting in the city effortless for those without a car. It is also close to Uttara Model Town, thus letting you enjoy all the amenities of Uttara without going far from your home.


If you are a first time home buyer, then buying a home at Uttar Khan makes sense as the flats here are quite affordable compared to flats in other areas like its neighboring area Uttara. This is because Uttar Khan is still a developing area. However, the flats here are modern in terms of design and features and the area has all the amenities required for a seamless lifestyle in the city.

Serenity away from the city

Another benefit of buying a flat in Uttar Khan is that the area offers lots of open space and verdant serene oasis where you can relax and refresh away from the concrete jungle of Dhaka city. You will get to enjoy living in a home free of noise pollution which is a common side effect of living in the heart of the city.

Education facilities

For parents or future parents, Uttar Khan offers a number of reputed educational institutions where you can school your children without any hassle. Around the corner, you will find BH Khan School, Uttar Khan Collegiate School, Uttarkhan Union High School and others.

Shopping and Recreation

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the area of Uttar Khan has a number of general stores, markets, restaurants, pharmacy stores, and mosques – everything you need for your daily lifestyle.

If you are one of those who loves to get away from the hustle of Dhaka City, then the area offers great escapades within the vicinity. From here you can easily visit Zinda Park – a great spot for picnics, family outings or weekend getaways. It takes only about 32 minutes by car to reach there and have a great time with your friends and family.

Every location in Dhaka has something to offer. If you are looking to buy a home for the first time in an area shielded from the chaos of the city whilst giving you access to all the amenities required for a comfortable lifestyle and within a budgeted price, then buying a flat in Uttar Khan may be a smart investment decision for you.

To help you out, here are a few properties for sale at Uttar Khan with their features and amenities.

Features & AmenitiesChayabithi


AB Moitri Swarna

(AB Moitri Builders Ltd.)

Badhon Shaif Garden

(Badhon Neer Ltd.)

Jamila Villa (Radical Developments Ltd.)
CCTV MonitoringYesYesNoNo
Fire AlarmYesNoNoNo
Lift4 Stretcher Korean lifts1 Korean lift1 Fujitech lift1 Chinese lift
Main Door and Internal door FrameCTG TeakTeak ChambleCTG TeakCTG Teak
BricksHollow blocksMachine-made gas burnt bricksMachine-made gas burnt bricksLocal bricks
Main Floor Tiles24”x24” Imported16”x16” Local24”x24” Local12”x12” Local
 Wall Tiles in KitchenUp to 7′Up to 2.6′Up to 2.6′Up to 2.6′
Shower Enclosure in BathroomsYesNoNoNo
Decorative Ceiling Edge in Common Living AreasYesYesYesNo
Generator Backup3 lights, 2 fans1 light, 1 fan1 light, 1 fan2 lights, 1 fan
Imported Light ShadeYesYesNoNo
Rooftop with Greenery and Sitting ArrangementYesNoNoNo
Children’s Play AreaYesNoNoNo
Gym SpaceYesNoNoNo