Buying a Property Has Never Been Easier

The process of acquiring your property from any developer can be quite confusing. Many people do not know where to even start.

Process of Acquiring Your Property from bti

The process of acquiring an apartment varies from one real estate company in Bangladesh to another. Before buying an apartment, understanding the process of buying one is very important. There are many elements including the signing of a Deed of Agreement, the timely submission of preferences for apartment features, registration, and more.

More often than not, these processes are quite bureaucratic, and very time-consuming. We at bti understand that this is a dilemma for most customers, and we have duly trained all of our staff to learn these processes to minimize the time you have to spend on them. However, before buying a property there is a lot of research involved, and we understand that as well.

The purpose of this page is to give you a step-by-step rundown of how to purchase an apartment from bti. We have created this tutorial to make your experience with us optimal by giving you a picture of how our process works.

The segment below contains sliders with steps that you can navigate by clicking on the bubbles, or simply dragging the slides left or right. We hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as we enjoy giving you service.

Step 1: Research

Read about bti, our projects, and our testimonials. Contact us or submit the Application Form via email so that we can help you choose a property.

Step 2: Payment of Cheque & Signing of Deed of Agreement (DOA) & Allotment Letter

Book your property through A/C Payee Cheque in favor of bti. We can help you arrange a home loan, so that you can buy the apartment without the worries of bureaucracies. Then collect, read, and sign the Deed of Agreement & Allotment Letter and make payments as per the schedule chalked out in the DOA.

Step 3: CSD & Construction Team

Get introduced to our Customer Service Department and our Construction team.

Step 4: Timely Submission of Optional Features

Arrange submission of all your choices timely as per the guidance of CSD to ensure that your home gets completed on time.

Step 5: New Home & Handover Documents

Inspect your new home and if satisfied, clear all dues. Sign the Handover Documents: Agreement for Clear Transfer Possession and Key Receiving documents.

Step 6: We Help in Completing Final Documents

We can help you complete the Registration and Mutation of your Apartment from the concerned government authorities.

Step 7: Owner’s Committee

Be a part of the Owner’s Committee and contribute towards keeping your apartment complex beautiful and well maintained.

Step 8: Documentation & Payments

Receive all documents of your new home from us and maintain timely payment of utility bills and maintenance cost of your apartment complex.

Step 9: Welcome Aboard!

Enjoy your stay in a bti home and be a part of our big family!

Step 10: Why Wait?

Did you like our interactive step-by-step experience? Get your new home now!

Happy Landowners

Kazi Shaela Akhter & Family
My experience with bti has been wonderful. It was very reassuring for me to see them committed to their work throughout the whole process.

Kazi Shaela Akhter & Family

Landowner of Southern Heights, Uttara, Dhaka

Capt. Mohammad Belayat Hossain & Family
"When building a home, selecting the right developer company was a very important decision. We were looking for a reliable company who could understand our requirements and give us a safe haven. bti was definitely the right choice."

Capt. Mohammad Belayat Hossain & Family

Landowner of Atlantis, North Gulshan, Dhaka

Saima Anjum & Family
"Choosing bti as joint venture partner for our land development was indeed a wonderful experience. From start to finish, we were stress free as we experienced first-hand why bti is a leading real estate company in Bangladesh."

Saima Anjum & Family

Landowner of The Delight, Chittagong.

Mrs. Saki Kazi
"Out of all the real estate developers, we chose to give our land to bti for development since communicating with them was very easy and there was a certain comfort level between us. We also knew about bti’s reliability and strength in construction, which is why we chose bti."

Mrs. Saki Kazi

Landowner of The Sunrise, Bashundhara, Dhaka

Mr. Habibul Muhit & family
"There was no room for complaints; bti’s customer service speaks for themselves. We are really glad that we chose bti as the real estate company to develop our land."

Mr. Habibul Muhit & family

Landowner of Kanchan, O R Nizam Road, Chittagong

Lt. Col. Mohammmad Hussain & Family
"Who says developing a land involves a lot of hassle? Just go to bti like we did and you will see the difference for yourself"

Lt. Col. Mohammmad Hussain & Family

Landowner of The Creed, Uttara. Dhaka

Mrs. Momota Muqtader & her Family
"We are very glad we chose bti as the developer of the project on our land. Working with them has been a pleasant experience as they handled matters very smoothly"

Mrs. Momota Muqtader & her Family

Landowner of Rosalyn, Uttara– 1

Md. Mokhlesur Rahman
"bti’s outstanding quality in construction was a key driver in handing over our land development project to them."

Md. Mokhlesur Rahman

Land Owner of Grace Haven, Uttara, Dhaka.

Dr. Kabirul Islam
"In all of my years, I have rarely come across a company as professional as bti. bti is truly a trustworthy name in the real estate sector of Bangladesh."

Dr. Kabirul Islam

Landowner of My Forte, Lalmatia, Dhaka.

Mr. Quazi Ali Tareq and Family
"We are very pleased to hand over our project to bti. We know they have a brand value in the real estate market of Bangladesh for which it was very easy for us to give our land to bti."

Mr. Quazi Ali Tareq and Family

Landowner of Glendale, Uttara, Dhaka

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