After a period of retirement

And Rachel? She’s a total mess. She barely bothers with makeup Prada Outlet Prada Outlet, sleeps in a trailer, jerks off constantly with a vibrator Prada Outlet, and lives in a uniform of greasy hair and even greasier trainers. Fresh off a mental breakdown, she’s probably suffering from borderline personality disorder and capable of pretty spectacular levels of deception, manipulation and narcissism.

That sounds soulless, industrial. It is certainly the latter. Zegna is big business first and foremost, which is why the appointment of Stefano Pilati caused something of a fashion furore. Milan’s spring/summer 2016 shows have, generally, been floating on the surface when it comes to inspiration. MaxMara Prada Outlet Prada Outlet, for instance, whose models less walked a catwalk than a gangplank, in front of a rear projection of bobbing water behind portholes, to a soundtrack of gruff Prada Outlet, horn piping sea shanties. Three guesses on the inspiration? Yep.

Some dresses and skirts seemed almost plaited, like hunks of Heidi’s hair, exaggerated versions of the whip stitch that edges many a Fendi bag. With its puffed bloomers and poured skirts and that whipcord lacing harnessing torsos, it was all a bit techno Tyrolean. Or as the stylist Charlotte Stockdale who works on the collection with Lagerfeld shouted out to me backstage: “Little house, big prairie!” That’s an emerging theme across many of the spring shows, that stitch rich return to handcraft embodied in patchwork and puritan dresses.

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