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Apartment in Bangladesh in 2020: Perks and attributes people seek today

March 29, 2020

Buying a home is an exciting journey for all of us. There are apparently some features which we look for specially and some aspects which we would rat...

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Space. Style. Freedom: Smart you in a Luxurious Home

March 28, 2020

In 2020, how long can you go without using a single bit of technology? Even a few hours would seem intolerable without using your phone, and a day wit...

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Adapting the spirit of community: The future of living in an apartment in Bangladesh

March 19, 2020

Our basic need for shelter has evolved with us throughout the ages. Humans are one of the only species that has developed their living situations over...

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10 Decorating Secrets for a Small Home

March 15, 2020

Our home reflects our personality. Decorating a small home can be a bit of a puzzle. We dream to add our taste to the d├ęcor instead of making it chao...

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A Palatial Home: A New Era of Grandeur in the Real Estate Industry of Bangladesh

March 14, 2020

  Bangladesh as we know is a small and overpopulated country which seldom offers sufficient space for one to breathe. A little bit of land to cal...

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How to keep the blaze away from your apartment

January 7, 2020

Safety is one of the prime concerns of a homeowner besides location, price, and convenience. However, one safety issue that gets overlooked most of th...

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Feature Walls: To use or not to use, that is the question.

November 25, 2019

Feature walls, also known as accent walls, the accent wall highlights a particular section of the room, either by painting it or by using different de...

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Let your room speak your mind

September 11, 2019

Tale of Colors Color is an integral element of our surroundings, not just in the natural environment but also in the man-made architectural environmen...

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August 6, 2019

The Eid of sacrifice is less than a week away. The cattle are arriving, tickets are being booked and recipes are being dusted out. But what about clea...

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July 24, 2019

The crystal clear drops of rain and the cool breezes are sure to dredge up childhood memories of paper boats floating, playing and puddling in mud. It...

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