bti Brikkho Mela 2018

Plants are more than cosmetic accessory to our surroundings and a necessity for us. Over the years, deforestation and urbanization have become threats to our environment, which is why as conscious beings, we should do our part in saving our planet and plant trees and greenery wherever possible – it could be landscaping in front of our buildings, a small balcony garden or a rooftop garden filled with many different kinds of plants, flowers and even trees. Greenery not only refreshes us but also improves air quality and is a necessity for our healthy living.

As an organization that cares deeply about being environment friendly, bti arranged Brikkho Mela for its valued customers on 28 July 2018 at the head office. Around hundred different plants from different parts of Bangladesh were showcased at the fair. Several customers with their families visited the fair and appreciated the gesture towards environment friendliness.