bti Celebrates Boishakhi Mela 1424!


Building technology and ideas ltd. welcomed the Bengali New Year in great festivity with Boishakhi Utshob held at bti Celebration Point. The program took place on 15 April 2017 from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

The customer engagement program invited all the existing and prospective customers of the company along with their family to enjoy the festive occasion which is one of the biggest events in Bangladeshi community. The fair with a spirit of our rich Bengali heritage had over ten different stalls featuring Bioscope stall, Sweet Stall, Fortune teller stall, Bangles-Alta Stall, Juice Stall, Games Stall, Alpona Stall, Toy Stall, Tea Stall etc. From old couples to young toddlers, everyone at the fair enjoyed a merry good time.

Here is what some of our customers had to say about the boishakhi fair:

Achinta Kumar Biswas: “My heartiest wishes to bti for organizing such special events and giving us the opportunity to make gathering amongst bti family members under one roof. My son and daughter were too much excited and asked many questions to see the socio-cultural and traditional instrument and foods. “

Md. Imtiaz Khan: “I had a wonderful time, and it was an afternoon I’ll never forget!  I particularly liked the games and stalls arranged at the fair. As I was there with my family, they enjoyed the celebration equally. I must say that such arrangement where modern concept meets old tradition can take an organization like bti a long way. Happy Bangla 1424!

The one- day fair organized by bti garnered a huge crowd of bti family. Officials and senior officials of the company also attended the program to welcome the Bengali New Year.