bti Customer Club’s Foreign Doctors Program


bti Customer Club arranged the Foreign Doctors Program on 02.10.2015 & 03.10.2015 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Airport Road Dhaka. This event involved doctors who came from Singapore, from Medi Consultant Ltd.

It was geared towards our customers, as they are families most of the time. It is very important to be able to know whether anybody in the family is healthy, or not. Thus, we arranged this event for our customers, to educate them further about health and lifestyle, and give a diagnosis or consultancy if they were not in the best health. Although this was primarily for our own customers, there were even other people who joined in!

Mr. Mosharruf and Ms. Anima from bti hosted the program. They received and managed the customers as well, which was quite a large task, considering there were 30 people who were present.

The event was primarily the doctors giving one on one consultancy to bti customers (patients) for more than 15 minutes.

After completing the consultancy program, we took feedback from every present customer. The customers said that they were very satisfied, as well as benefited from this event. They also want bti to arrange more of this kind of event, for their health & betterment.