Button Mashing: Par for the course for most idle games

Extreme Doormat: 367. Until she gets her Deadly Upgrade, at least. Eye Scream: Elena makes Aegina do this in Map 28 Fantastic Nuke: The Ankh Cannon. Star Trek uses Broad Strokes and an Alternate Timeline to try to walk the line between maintaining the look of the original series, including some very ’60s elements like the female uniform of a miniskirt with go go boots, and making it look futuristic to a 2009 audience. Interestingly, this is completely averted by the original film series, which made no attempt whatsoever to retain design elements from previous films or the TV series, if they thought they had a better visualization. Explained in universe by the Enterprise, at that point one of the oldest active ships in the fleet, having undergone a refit to stay up to date.

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