Cash prices were awarded to the winners

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Youth and adults of all ages were encouraged to be creative, constructing their fashions made entirely from recyclable materials. Fashions were judged based on creativity, use of materials, and overall look in two categories: Youth and Adult. Cash prices were awarded to the winners.1st Hailey George, 10.

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Replica Handbags Pawlak, 21, is one of four industrial design students at Philadelphia University who won a design competition “For Students, By Students Replica Designer Handbags,” run by Umbra, a Toronto based home products design firm. Students from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and Humber College in Toronto also competed. Umbra partnered with Target, which chose to manufacture and sell 10 of the small creations, designed for dorm rooms, under the label Loft by Umbra.. Replica Handbags

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