Children Art Competition

The Children Art Competition was an event done for the children of our dear Customer Club members.

60 children participated in the art competition: it was a great success! The children showed a great effort and some art pieces were astonishingly beautiful. The 60 children were split into groups of 3 according to age to make the competition fair. Each group had 3 winners, totaling 9 winners out of all the groups.

Finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for: the prize! The prize for each winner as a 5000TK gift voucher for home n decor, something that would come in handy.

The Children Art  Competition was a very fun and lighthearted way of connecting our Customer Club members’ children with each other and allowing us to show every customer that bti cares. We hope that all the members will be coming to our events in the near future, and hope you have a great day!



One of the competitors proudly showing her art piece.


A masterpiece in the making!


An artistic depiction of everyday life in the village.