bti Contracting

Have ideas of what to do with your land but not sure how to go about it? Let us help you develop ways to make your vision come alive with design and construction expertise of more than 36 years.
We are one of the most diversified contracting companies in Bangladesh offering extensive construction experience backed by financial strength, competitive pricing, and a commitment to deliver your projects with the highest quality.You can trust us to be your contracting company and be at ease while we work!

bti Contracting has been set up to provide expertise of bti to those looking to design and/or construct their property. Be it a residential, commercial or corporate project, the backing from bti’s experience makes us the best and most reliable choice for developing your property. With us as your contractor, every aspect of your project delivery system will be driven by your requirements. Based on them, we can do the construction and design of your project on a turnkey basis or be a part of your ongoing work by designing, estimating or helping you out with construction only.

Either way, we are committed to your interests and provide the best quality of services maintaining professional integrity all the way to the end and beyond. We aim to deliver beyond your expectations and ensure that your work is done in the most efficient and cost effective manner providing you, our VIP customers, with a high-quality building without any worry or stress.

Our Services

Since our expertise lies in residential and commercial building projects, we only offer our services for these particular segments.

Our Services Include

  • Building design
  • Cost estimating
  • Developing project schedule
  • Getting permits from concerned authorities
  • Construction
  • Regular (monthly) report of project progress
  • Procurement services
  • Post completion maintenance

Our commitment to quality

At every step of our project delivery system, we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality. To ensure the highest quality, we have a team of quality auditors comprising of design quality assurance team, construction quality assurance team, material quality assurance team and research and development team.
The construction quality assurance team is there to monitor and verify quality check in every phase of the construction. The design quality assurance team ensures that the project is planned, designed and implemented maintaining the design standards. The material quality assurance team ensures that any material delivered to our construction site fully complies with our approved standard. Our Research and Development team ensures that the latest technology is incorporated into our design implementation for continuous project improvement, innovation and delivering high end quality products to our clients

Our Advantage

  • Experience of more than 36 years in the real estate sector
  • Architectural design expertise from a brilliant team of architects and engineers who can create landmark designs keeping in mind your taste and style
  • Construction expertise consisting of the best site engineers and senior project managers along with quality audit teams who ensure the highest quality in construction
  • Better communication and fewer problems as the focus is always on a team oriented approach
  • Exceeding customer expectations through innovation, research and development to modify the design/ construction until it becomes a perfect fit

How We Work

Initially, we will discuss with you what you want out of your project so that we can better understand your needs and wants. Thereafter, we will visit your site and share our observations with you. We can then give you rough ideas on the cost of your project based on our visual inspection and discussions with you.

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Email: info@btibd.org

Phone: 01709634871

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