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When you sign the Deed of Agreement for your land with bti in joint venture or, when you buy a bti apartment, you automatically become a member of our Customer Club which has over 4000 members. With this membership comes a host of privileges and facilities.

With the bti Customer Club Privilege card you can avail discounts from about 100 merchants who are our Customer Club Partners. These include some of the best restaurants, boutiques, hotels, gift shops, airlines, beauty care, fashion & lifestyles, health care, tours & travels, overseas assistance, etc. and this list is continuously growing as we keep on adding new partners. In order to avail these privileges we provide Customer Club Membership Cards to our customers.

Our exclusive Concierge service is dedicated to serve our Customer Club members. Whether it is to book a hotel, to make airline reservations, to fill up your visa forms, to open a bank account, or to get admitted to any hospitals/schools, our Concierge service is at your disposal. bti Customer Club is here to serve our valued customers as the warden.

If you are a bti Customer Club Member and wish to hold an important business meeting in a secured environment, you will have free usage of the meeting rooms in our head office.

bti Customer Club regularly invites its members to health seminars conducted by specialist doctors visiting from overseas. We also host programs for the members like: Pitha Utshab, Handicraft and Kitchenware Exhibition, Cooking Contest, etc. There are programs for the children of our customers too, like Art Competition, Spelling Buzz, Debate Competition, Story Telling, etc.

We always notify our Customer Club Members about these privileges through email as we care for your happiness and experience.

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