Win the customer's heart - Our Mantra!

At bti, we cannot emphasize enough on how hard we work at winning our customer's heart. Every single department from the top to the bottom has this mantra strongly embedded as a motive and a core value for its existence. Hence, we are all proud of our customer service representatives working diligently to achieve this objective for each and every customer of ours. Bottom line: YOU are important to us and we want to see you happy!
To achieve this, a customer service representative is assigned to look after you as soon as you join the bti family. This rep works as your central nervous system connecting you with everyone else in the smoothest possible manner. He looks after your requirements to be met at bti and also with any external agencies.
He helps you achieve a smooth transition into your newly booked apartment or office; reminds you of how to make your home or commercial space better, listens to your needs, gets in touch with the right persons and gets your work done! Other than these services, he provides you with support to arrange your home loan, gives you periodic updates of the progress of construction of your apartment, helps you in the customization of your apartment, sets you up with the interiors' team and so on.

In between all of the above, he also invites you to the various fun things happening at bti for our customers. For eg. Art competitions for kids,pithautshob for families, outings, fairs, Eid reunions, just to name a few.
And after you have moved in, he is still at work with an unmatched post-handover service agenda. We all know moving into a new place has certain teething problems - small but niggling and annoying! This is where our heroes step in and help you out once again.
After months of handover, he is in touch with you as at bti, it's not always about business; its also about bonding!Please do read the comments of our customers.

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You will be assigned a customer service representative. He will be there to help you through the full process of buying any space from bti. He will be the contact point for you, helping you out in any query, dilemma, discussions that you may have over time.

Though you may visit the construction site, we prefer that you go by appointment with your CSD rep for a more productive visit. Other than it being a safety hazard, visiting the site often also hampers the progress of the work. We encourage you to leave the construction site work on us while you address your concerns directly through your CSD rep.For your property/space, your feedback is important. However, it is good to follow a streamlined process and always take a prior appointment for site visits.

Yes. bti will customize your apartment as per your requirement as long as it does not alter the outer elevation of the building or location of the bathrooms and verandahs. You need to provide the decision regarding optional/modification work and payment within stipulated time given by bti to ensure smooth progress of construction work.

All dues must be cleared for optional/modification work before it is implemented.

To smooth the construction and handover, bti does not allow external agencies to carry out any work before the handover of the space. However, bti interior solutions, being a concern of bti, can incorporate the interior work during construction. If all dues are cleared and you have opted to take possession before the official handover date, you can then proceed with external agencies, but at your own risk of damage and other security issues.

Before handover, all dues must be cleared. Four working days are required by bti for completing all the internal procedures after which the standard handover procedure entails you to make a final inspection of your space with your assigned representative from bti Customer Service Department.

You will then be required to complete all paperwork at the bti office and receive the keys and the formal Possession Handover Document from us. If for some reason, you are unable to personally attend the handover, you may authorize someone with a Power of Attorney who will receive the handover on your behalf.

You need to clear all payment and charges due before receiving handover of the apartment.

To prevent damage and for the security of your furniture, bti recommends shifting your furniture only after you have received handover of your keys.

On your behalf, we will arrange the utility connections for electricity, water & gas for the full building. However, if the government agency is unable to provide such utility connections, bti will not be held responsible.

You cannot use or rent residential apartment for commercial purposes as it is illegal in Bangladesh.

Parking space allocation preference will be given on a priority basis to those who have made the first full payment irrespective of apartment/ commercial unit booking date.

After paying certain service charges and completing other formalities, you can apply for name change of the allotment of the apartment/commercial unit. Please note that before handover you cannot transfer the allotment directly to any third party.

To make your home ownership hassle free, bti will provide you with the required registration/transfer/mutation services but relevant costs pertaining to the services have to be borne by you.

For Transfer/Sale Permission from Concerned Authority, you will require:

  1. Photographs
  2. NID Copy
  3. Sale permission Application
  4. Approval copy of Plan
  5. Lease Deed Certify Copy

For Registration, you will require:

  1. Photographs
  2. NID Copy
  3. E-TIN Copy
  4. Passport Copy (for overseas customer)
  5. Overseas Address (for overseas customer)
  6. Transfer permission copy from Concern Authority
  7. Up to date Tax copy
  8. Khatain Copy
  9. DCR Copy
  10. Power of Attorney Copy

The Real Estate Act 2010 protects the interests of the Buyers, Landowners and the Developers. We believe and hope that when we act as your partners, you will not need to protect your interests as we would be there to always look after you!

Yes you can. But in that case, you have to collect NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the financial institution which gave you the loan.

You have to pay monthly common service charge, maintenance charges, care taker charges, delay charges, utility bills etc, if you have not taken the handover within the stipulated time.

Should you not receive handover of your space/unit within the stipulated date mentioned in the DOA, provided certain conditions are met and if there has been no default in installment on your part, you will receive compensation from bti.

The apartment owners form a Committee which is responsible for the common affairs of the apartment complex. The committee is responsible for cleanliness &maintenance of the building, generator & substation, payment of support staff’s salary & utility bills, maintenance of books of accounts, arrangement of monthly meeting, annual meeting between all apartment owners etc.

The monthly common service charge is collected monthly by the Committee from all the apartment owners and is used towards the running costs of your apartment complex. It typically covers the cost of utility bills, generator fuel and lift maintenance, security guard’s salary, etc.

The Reserve Fund is a contribution from all the apartment owners totaling to approx. Tk 50,000 or so which has to be deposited before handover of your space to you. The fund is utilized as long term expense for apartment maintenance issues such as replacement of generator, lift mother board, exterior building paint and so on.

As per bti Terms and Conditions you will receive free maintenance service for one year from date of project completion of any project. This covers any teething problems anywhere in the building as per our reference terms & conditions. For management and maintenance of common services, like landscaping, security and cleanliness of the complex, bti will be looking after it for 2 years to enable a smooth transition to the customers.

We are always at your service, whenever you need us. However, formally bti arranges a post-handover meeting in the project once after 3 months and another after 12 months of the handover. During the post-handover meeting, bti takes your valuable feedback or suggestion which helps bti provide better service to you. We listen to you and help fix any problems that may occur in the initial move-in stages.

Happy Customers

Dr. Nirmal Kanti Sarkar and Family
“Journey with bti towards the dream-homeownership has been an amazing experience indeed. bti acted like a liaison between us & our dream home. We are thankful enough for this unparalleled professionalism and unceasing support!”

Dr. Nirmal Kanti Sarkar and Family

Apartment Owner of Talukder Lodge, Kalabagan, Dhaka

Shahriar Halim and Family

With bti, the journey towards home ownership was impeccable. They were really true to their promise of on time handover. With gratitude, we appreciate the endeavors for giving us the fabulous experience throughout the journey.

Shahriar Halim and Family

Apartment Owner of Lake Panorama, Uttara, Dhaka

Md. Moinuddin and Family
On time delivery really has amazed us! The whole procedure was so smooth without having any difficulties in any stage. We are quite happy to have such a joyful experience!

Md. Moinuddin and Family

Apartment Owner of Chorus, Aftab Nagar, Dhaka

Saeed Bin Rouf and family
We are so pleased to have an amazing home from bti. As they had met all the queries before we bought it, we were quite assured of having a wonderful experience with bti. Finally, the classy decor makes us feel like that yes, we made the right choice!

Saeed Bin Rouf and family

Apartment Owner of The Sunrise, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka

Sanzida Hasnat and Family
We were amazed at the excellent service we received from bti. They were wonderful enough to put our minds at ease when buying an apartment. The whole process was over and done with smoothly and we simply love our home.

Sanzida Hasnat and Family

Apartment Owner of The Gift, Mirpur, Dhaka

Dr. Saiful Islam and Family
bti surpassed every expectation we had when buying our home. They genuinely listened to the kind of home we were looking for, helped us find it and delivered it on time. We are truly pleased with bti!

Dr. Saiful Islam and Family

Apartment Owner of Chorus, Aftabnagar, Dhaka

Md. Emteaj Parvej & his Family
We would like to thank bti for their unparalleled professionalism and dedication towards us throughout our home buying journey. They went out of their way to make sure all our queries were answered so that we were very much confident and comfortable with our decision of buying a home from bti.

Md. Emteaj Parvej & his Family

Apartment Owner of Chorus, Aftabnogor, Dhaka

Md. Habibur Rahman Khokon & his Family

When we were looking to buy a home, we were very happy that we chose to buy from bti. They made the home buying process much easier than we had anticipated. So when we were looking to buy another one, we did not hesitate to buy from bti again. We are extremely pleased with the excellent service we received from bti every single time we bought from them.

Md. Habibur Rahman Khokon & his Family

Apartment Owner of Rosemary, Aftab Nagor, Dhaka

Golam Md. Regwanul Hoque & Mrs. Sharfin Nahar
We had an excellent experience buying an apartment from bti. They provided us with fantastic service and we felt very comfortable and well-assured with our decision to purchase from bti because of their reliability in the real estate sector.

Golam Md. Regwanul Hoque & Mrs. Sharfin Nahar

Apartment Owner of Summer, Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka.

Mrs. Marina Sayeed & her Family
We are very much thankful to bti for helping us find our dream home. They listened to what would best suit our family, responded to any queries we had and made our home buying journey extremely easy and stress free. Their professional attitude coupled with fabulous customer service truly makes them a top-notch real estate company.

Mrs. Marina Sayeed & her Family

Apartment Owner of Shopnochura, Diabari, Uttara

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