Damsel in Distress: Rita Escobar

Leeroy Jenkins: This is yelled fairly often, and possibly done even more. Died out in later videos. Let’s Play: No, really? Madness Mantra: “B BUTTON B BUTTON B BUTTON!” For Peter during Globe Trot in Wii Party: “I need more coins I need more coins I need more coins.” Mathematician’s Answer: A Running Gag is Dan responding to any multiple choice question with “Yes”.

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When you go to buy an amplifier, you need to have an idea of what you are going to use it for. As this amp is 60 watts, you are not going to be accompanying any hard rock acts but, as mentioned, it is by far the best amplifier for an acoustic guitarist. This means you can practice at home or play to a handful of people in quiet intimate gigs with 100 people or thereabouts with no problems.

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