Dr. Md. Mohsen Chowdhury and family receive handover of Apartment Unit in La Vista

Dr. Md. Mohsen Chowdhury and his wife Dr. Ruksana Karim have long anticipated the arrival of this happy day, when they would finally receive handover of their newly purchased apartment which they had booked in the year 2014.

As promised, building technology and ideas finished all the project work on time and on 21st May 2016, Dr. Md. Mohsen Chowdhury along his life partner arrived at bti Celebration Point to officially receive their apartment unit, part of La Vista project situated at Uttara. La Vista is a part of bti Classic Collection, which offers you homes crafted for your comfort and peace of mind and invites you to a home you enjoy living in every day.

In the handover ceremony, Md. Zayed Hasan Khan, Md. Tarik Hossain, and Md. Mehraj Hossain were present from the bti Customer Service Department to conduct the program. Dr. Md. Mohsen Chowdhury and Dr. Ruksana Karim received the Apartment Handover Documents, along with apartment keys to their new home.

Dr. Md. Mohsen Chowdhury and his wife both expressed great pleasure on receiving the handover of their apartment on time, which they believe is a matter of great concern when purchasing an apartment. They also commended the exceptional customer service they have received from building technology and ideas and stated they were happy to choose bti because of their quality of construction work, reliability, sincerity, and punctuality.

To make the handover day happier for Dr. Md. Mohsen Chowdhury and his family, bti presented them with a bouquet of flowers and a welcome-home cake. The handover of the apartment was concluded by a photo session of the happy new homeowners.