Dude Magnet: One of her powers is to produce pheromones that

You don’t need be an economic genius to conclude that our country is in the worst economy since the Great Depression. A large number of the people employed are employed by government. Unfortunately, when the government employs someone, it is a net loss for the economy.

Tang Lung (Lee) is sent from Hong Kong to Rome to help his friend’s niece Chen Ching Hua. She and family friends operate a Chinese restaurant which the local mafia wants to own. In order to force them to sell, the mafia has been trying to bankrupt them by having mooks frighten away any prospective customers.

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No sooner is that front stabilized then the Soviets execute the Don offensive in southern Ukraine then another northern Ukrainian offensive then the Lower Dnepr offensive and then, after that year’s Rasputitsa, the west Ukrainian Korsun offensive that winter accepted as the death knell of Germany’s experienced Panzer forces. With Army Group North’s strength having been steadily eroded by four failed Soviet offensives, constant raids, and neglect by the OKH the Red Army finally manages to force open a corridor to the city in the winter ’43 Leningrad offensive, lifting the siege. The Allies execute operation Baytown and land in Southern Italy, resulting in a coup in which Mussolini is toppled and Italy joins the Allies.

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