Earthquake Awareness Seminar for Customers

On September 12, 2015 we had an Earthquake Awareness seminar for our customers. The presentation was done by the reputed Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Chowdhury, from BUET. Earthquakes are a very important topic for apartment owners to know about, so bti arranged this seminar for common education. We at bti have experts working on the construction of all of our projects, but in case there is an earthquake that is extremely high on the Richter scale, our customers must take the necessary precautions.

Our Managing Director, Mr. F.R. Khan, conducted the entire program. Representatives of other companies with whom we have alliances with Lafarge Surma, BSRM, SCB, DBH were also present there. 

65 customers attended the seminar and were all enriched by the experience of listening to a seminar done by the BUET Professor himself.

After the presentation on earthquakes, there was a participatory Q&A session and a short video clip played for the audience. Once the video was played, 2 CBAs (Confidential brand ambassadors) gave their appreciation speech to bti.

All in all, the event was quite eye-opening for our customers, and we hope that our customers continue to participate in all of bti’s events.

After all, these events are created to help educated, enrich, and enlighten them.