Evelyn, meanwhile, thinks that she’d never be able to leave

Government. Look at all the Black Panthers framed and imprisoned in the look at the Communist persecuted in the look at the IWW and the Red Scare. They defend their rule and their system against the people. Evelyn, meanwhile, thinks that she’d never be able to leave her Circle while Solas values freedom more than anything so she can’t reveal her love as it would tie him down. Kinnaird is in love with Fitz but they were only together for a short while before broke up due to Fitz constantly trying to escape and Kinnaird wanting to keep his sister safe. Meaningful Echo: The first time Evelyn talked to Solas, she asks “Do you have anything that you wish to keep?” His answer was “My pendant.” Much later, when he remembers that question again, his answer this time is “You (Evelyn).” Meaningful Name: Ser Grieves.

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