Eyewitness Ian Grant was walking through the area when armed

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hermes replica birkin He was held against a wall of the Treasury before being taken away in a van to a police station.Security sources say police were tipped off by the man’s family, which may have allowed officers the chance to detain him before they had to resort to opening fire.The suspect has not been named but is 27 years old and thought to be known to police, who kept tabs on him via surveillance cameras on the streets and on the Underground.It is believed that the suspect had been under round the clock surveillance and was tracked by two teams today with Hermes Birkin replica http://www.ssublindside.com armed officers on standby, and that his phone and other means of communication were being monitored.Eyewitness Ian Grant was walking through the area when armed police rushed passed him and arrested the suspect, who is believed to have a British passport, but was not born here.The 56 year old, from Poplar in the east of the capital, said: ‘I came out of the tube station and saw a police car go flying by. hermes replica birkin

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