To make your property buying easy, we have compiled a list of FAQs that can help answer your queries. For additional information, you can use the “contact us” form.
Buying a property

ANS: For booking an apartment or commercial space from bti, first you will have to fill up an application form, followed by making payment of earnest money to the company. To complete the purchase, you need to sign “Allotment Letter” and “Deed of Agreement”.

ANS: bti ensures all required approvals and permits from concerned authorities are in place prior to the launching of a project. Construction work of a project is commenced only after obtaining all the required approvals and permits.


For buying a property, firstly you will have to pay the booking/signing money which constitutes 10% of total payment followed by monthly installments which comprise the rest 90% amount. You will have to pay this on a monthly basis until the handover period. Although this is the standard, payment may be varied upon mutual discussion.

If you make onetime payment or advance payment from the standard payment schedule, you would be entitled to a discount calculated on the cost of capital.

Yes. bti has tie-ups with several financial institutions providing home loan for local and Non Resident Bangladeshis. However, you require bank approval for availing the home loan which depends on your income, status and bank regulations.

You can avail up to 70% loan amount and get tenure of up to 25 years. You need to repay the loan through EMI.


The standard handover procedure entails the Buyer to make final inspection of the apartment with the concerned representative from our Customer Service Department to ensure that everything is in order. Before handover, the Buyer must clear all payments. Four working days are required by bti for completing all the internal procedures. After that the Buyer has to come to bti Corporate Office to receive the Keys and the formal Possession Handover document.
If for some reason the Buyer is unable to personally attend the handover, he/she should authorize someone with a Power of Attorney who will receive handover on the Buyer’s behalf.

No. You need to clear all payment charges before receiving handover of the apartment.

Yes. In that case, as per Real Estate Act 2010, you will have to forfeit 10% (ten percent) of the total paid amount to the company and rest of the amount will be refunded to you within 90 (ninety) days from the date of such cancellation.

Yes. As a Buyer, you will receive compensation from bti if you do not receive handover of your apartment unit within the stipulated date mentioned in the Deed of Agreement, provided certain conditions are met and there has been no default in installment on your part.

Maintenance and Management Services

The apartment owners form a Committee which is responsible for the common affairs of the apartment complex. The committee is responsible for maintenance of the building, generator & substation, payment of support staff’s salary & utility bills, maintenance of books of accounts, arrangement of monthly meeting, annual meeting between all apartment owners etc.

The Reserve Fund consists of contribution from all apartment owners which each owner has to pay before the handover. The fund is utilized for the general maintenance of the apartment complex and it’s appurtenances. The Company will reimburse the total collected amount from all the customers of the particular project to the Apartment Owners’ Committee.

The monthly common service charge is a payment made monthly by all apartment owners towards the running costs of the apartment complex. It typically covers the utility bills payment, generator fuel cost, lift maintenance cost, the wages of a concierge and security guards etc.

Yes. As per bti Terms and Conditions you will receive free maintenance service for one year from date of project completion.


The registration/transfer/mutation of apartment is an important step in home buying but unfortunately it is a bureaucratic and cumbersome process. To make apartment buying hassle free, as a Power of Attorney holder, bti will provide the Buyer with the required registration/transfer/mutation services but relevant costs pertaining to transfer/registration/ mutation have to be borne by the Buyer.

For Transfer/Sale Permission from Concerned Authority

  • Photographs
  • NID Copy
  • Sale permission Application
  • Approval copy of Plan
  • Lease Deed Certify Copy

For Registration

  • Photographs
  • NID Copy
  • E-TIN Copy
  • Passport Copy (for overseas customer)
  • Overseas Address (for overseas customer)
  • Transfer permission copy from Concern Authority
  • Up to date Tax copy
  • Khatain Copy
  • DCR Copy
  • Power of Attorney Copy
Landowner's FAQs

FAR means Floor Area Ratio. The FAR is the total covered area on all floors of the building on a plot divided by the area of the plot. FAR is a control measure introduced to limit the density of an area and regulate the use of land as per the plan and manage growth and development.

Total covered area on all floors
Total covered area of the plot

The maximum construction area of any building depends on the land size and front side road width. As per the FAR rules, each segment of land size has maximum ground coverage (MGC) and FAR value as per the front road width. If we calculate land size in sft/meter and multiply with FAR value then we will get the maximum construction area of the building.

Example: If we consider a “5 Katha” plot and front side road is 25 feet width then the maximum ground coverage will be 62.50% as per FAR rules. So the maximum construction area will be:

Land Area=5 katha=3,600 sft (1 katha =720 sft)

FAR = 3.75 (as per Rajuk Rules)

Construction area= (Land area X FAR)=3600 X 3.75=13,500 sft

We can add 2.5% balcony facilities (as per Rajuk Rules),

So,balcony facilities =13500 X 2.5 %=337 sft

Total construction area is (Construction Area+ Balcony Area) = (13500 sft+337 sft) =13,837 sft

DAP means Detail Area Planning. The general objectives of DAP are to implement the provisions of the DMDP Structure Plan (SP) and Urban Area Plan (UAP) policies and recommendations.

The number of parking space depends on land size, land shape, building height, basement provision, car lift, park lift etc.

Example: If we consider a “5 Katha” plot and the dimension of the plot is 72’ X 50”, then maximum 8-9 car parking spaces are possible after the fulfillment of the common facilities.

Basement floor construction is generally expensive and unless constructed with care, there can be water leakage and dampness issues. For smaller plots of land (say below 8katha), usually basements are not feasible. However, for larger plots of land requiring a large number of parking, basement becomes a necessity.

Space sharing refers to the use of space in an apartment complex by the Landowner and the Developer. It segregates the portions of the apartment complex belonging to the Landowner and the Developer. In a joint venture development, space sharing depends on mutual understanding between the Developer and the Landowner. There is no thumb rule. Basically, it depends on the value of the land, selling price of the property, requirements of the number of apartment units, signing money given to the Landowner, etc.

Floor distribution is done through mutual understanding between Landowner and Developer. Both Landowners and Developer choose the floors as per merit or value of the property.

The size of the apartment is the net floor area of the apartment plus the common areas as specified in the Real Estate Management Act 2010

As per the Real Estate Management Act 2010,  spaces such as lift-lobby, staircase room, lift machine room, generator room, sub-station room, caretaker’s room, guard room and other common facilities like gym space, prayer room, library room, guest waiting area, reception area etc. are considered as common space.

RAJUK and Cantonment board (Dhaka) are the final authorities for approval of plan. Plan approval depends on various factors such building height, regular project or special project, apartment number, road-width, permission of concerned authorities (Civil aviation, traffic, DMP, environment etc), conditions of the township planning department, lease hold property or free hold property, land status etc.

Fire protection in apartment building is ensured through availability of essential fire fighting tools such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, sprinklers etc. Having a fire staircase is mandatory as per BNBC rules.

bti follows the BNBC code for the earthquake protection. Beyond implementing BNBC code, bti is the only developer who has introduced the jacketing system, which is a scientifically proven method to make buildings more earthquake resistant.

bti carries out appropriate testing to ensure all the materials used are of highest quality. bti also tests the materials (steel bar) and concrete strength from BUET.

Possession/ handover issue is subject to mutual understanding between Developer and Landowner. Generally, the possession/ handover is required after plan has been approved from the concerned authority.

bti provides 1 year free after sales service to the apartment owners for maintenance and upkeep of the apartment.

bti follows all rules and guidelines, uses materials of highest standard quality and goes beyond that through implementing technology that makes building greater earthquake resistant. All of these ensure that your building is a safe home with superior construction quality. We also greatly appreciate our clients visiting the site during construction to see the quality for themselves.

Upon completion of the project, we arrange a meeting of all the owners of the built property to form an association and form an ad hoc committee and provide them with a set of by-laws. The ad hoc committee subsequently arranges an election to appoint the office bearers of the association. The Owners’ Association is responsible for maintenance of the building and regular accounts.

Please feel free to use the contact form or call us: +8801755660042

Interior's FAQs

Interior design consultancy is available by bti Interior Solutions for residential, commercial & industrial spaces. If you have a home or a business, then we can help you create the perfect living space, corporate office, retail outlet, hotel, resort. We have also introduced landscaping into our scope of work.

At bti Interior Solutions, we give you a choice to hire an interior architect or an interior designer/decorator. Interior architects have expert knowledge on architectural elements and know how to optimize them best as well as have fundamental understanding of lighting, texture, depth, pattern and much more to give you an aesthetic and functional space. Interior designer/ decorator works best with small spaces to make them more functional.

It is costlier than doing it yourself. But then the details and services that accompany the cost are worth it. Contrary to popular belief, interior design can, however, be made to fit a budget. Sometimes, it can be economical as professionals in this line are experts on best materials available at best market prices and can be a great way to save on your time and money. However, we can work with realistic budgets to suit your requirements.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, an interior designer can make your small space bigger; dark rooms look brighter and add details to make your space maximize its potential.

Although most people think interior architects/designers are inflexible and rigid, a good interior designer will consult you from inception to implementation to understand your wants and needs. At bti Interior Solutions, we incorporate your needs into the design so that the space reflects your personality and you feel right at home.

Even if you are a creative person with an aesthetic sense, an interior designer has knowledge, understanding, expertise and connections which can transform your space into more than just a pretty space and add value to it. An interior architect has spent years on training to do this best.

In 2011. So far, we have successfully completed interior designs of more than 350 residential & commercial units. Recently, we have started concentrating on our own bti customers’ and landowners’ requirements though we welcome non- bti customers’ work too.

We are always excited to serve anyone who loves the idea of beautiful and functional spaces. However, we are best at serving customers who love the idea of long term relationships. Thus, those customers who also buy properties from bti benefit the most from taking our services. We have introduced post-handover services as a specialized branch of our workflow. To look after the concerns of our customers, a specifically assigned department and a rep for post-handover services has been deployed. This rep keeps a continuous relationship with our customers even after the one year warranty period is over. His sole objective is to help out our customers in any way required for years to come.

Design Consultancy services from bti Interior Solutions cover several categories of interior design work such as designing functional floor plans, preparing working drawing, doing furniture layout, providing detailed ceiling layout plans, color suggestions, bathroom and kitchen layout plans, plumbing designing, electrical plans. We do turnkey projects which include the designing and implementation of the interior design to relieve you of all worries.

Yes. We can design customized furniture and make it for all types of residential & commercial use.

Our name carries bti in it and we are an integral part of bti- a well reputed pioneer real estate company in Bangladesh since 1984. That is our biggest strength and possibly the biggest trust factor for our customers. We love to see our customers happy and everyone in bti Interior Solutions is geared to achieve this single goal. We also have highly professional architects, a skilled workforce, best quality of workmanship, quality inspections, strong sense of work ownership and a fantastic customer service department. We provide a one-year free service in case of any problems which may arise due to various unforeseen circumstances and we offer a one-stop solution for all your design needs.

We work best with building relationships and we back this philosophy by providing a one-year free service after handing over the work to you. You have no worries as we will be there behind you always to lend a helping hand and fix any problems in case they spring up. You are also welcome to call our customer service department and drop in for a cup of tea even if there are no problems at all!

You would have to initially pay 50% of the total amount once we agree to work together. After 50% of completion of work, 25% payment has to be made followed by another 25% after 75% work progress. You may feel that this is unfair, but in reality this is the best way to work as we need to pay people to execute the work timely for you.

bti is a well reputed company and as bti Interior Solutions is a part of bti, our business is that of trust. Please read the customers’ opinions about us to decide where we stand.

Generally, we take 30-90 working days for implementation of any work but it largely depends on what the work is.

Yes, of course! bti Interior Solutions does all kinds of renovation work such as civil work to change things around. We can create partition walls, design false ceilings, make workstations for home and offices. Bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations, cabinetry design, organizing your rooms, redoing electric wiring and lighting solutions – all are in the purview of our services.

Brokerage FAQs For Buyer
We are the intermediary that makes all the formal processes of buying and selling properties easy for the Buyer and Seller- be it a ready flat or an underconstruction property from bti or another real estate developer.
Apart from hassle free buying or selling of your property, we provide our expertise of legal vetting of the documents, drafting of the Agreement, Sale Deed etc. We can also assist in the mutation, registration of the apartment from the relevant government offices.
When buying a home, it’s strongly recommended you have a brokerage agent. Keep in mind, all agents are not the same!
Attempting to buy a home without an agent can really make the home buying process more difficult. Having a brokerage agent is advantageous as they have the experience, know-how on pricing and market conditions to find the right home for you.
This is really just a matter of preference, but both newer and older homes offer distinct advantages, depending upon your unique taste and lifestyle. Older homes can generally cost less than new homes; however, there are many cases where new homes can also cost less than older homes. Most new homes will not have any backyard landscaping and some don’t include any front landscaping either. With an older home, the landscaping is normally already completed. Taxes on some older homes may also be lower. Some people are charmed by the elegance of an older home but shy away because they’re concerned about potential maintenance costs. Consider a home warranty to get the peace of mind you deserve. A good Home Warranty plan protects you against unexpected repairs on many home systems and appliances for a full year or more after you move in. As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to each, but it really comes down to what fits you and what you are looking for in a home.
Normally Seller will pay the brokerage agent commission.
Earnest money is booking money of flat value. An earnest money deposit is also frequently referred to as a good faith deposit. The primary purpose of this deposit is to show a seller you are serious about purchasing their home. The amount that is deposited is subtracted from the final figure that you pay at the closing.
When buying a home, you have the option to perform several types of inspections. The purchase offer you write can be contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection, pest inspection, radon test, and many other inspections. In most cases, it’s recommended that when buying a home, you at the bare minimum have a home inspection to ensure everything is in working order.
For getting secondary homes at suitable price, you should contact a reliable brokerage agent like us. A real estate agent may act on your behalf, providing you with advice and guidance when buying or selling a home. Due to the constant changing of the market, the information available on listings is not always 100% accurate. There are times when you need the most current information about what has sold or is for sale, and the only way to get that is with a real estate agent.
In a new apartment, you can pick your own color schemes, flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, custom wiring for TV's, electrical, computers, phones and speakers, etc., as well as have more upgrade options. Modern features like media rooms, extra-large closets and extra-large bathrooms and tubs are also more attainable in ground-up construction. In a used home, you rely largely on the previous resident’s tastes, unless you plan for a remodeling. New-home designers can use new building materials such as glazed Energy Star windows, thicker insulation and other technology that will lower future energy costs for the owner. Most areas now have minimum energy-efficiency requirements for new construction. Kitchens and laundry areas in new homes are designed to house more efficient energy-saving appliances. Older homes, unless they have undergone an energy retrofit, usually cost much more per square foot to air-condition and heat. In general, new homes are usually more fire-safe and better accommodating of new security and garage-door systems. Older homes can be better judged for their quality and timeless beauty. New homes that now possess a smooth veneer might reveal the use of substandard building materials.
For bti’s secondary flat, bti brokerage will give you the service but for other developer’s flat, Seller will be full responsible for that service. We will only be the intermediary channel.
You can get the Registration of the purchased apartment from the Seller. bti brokerage will help you with the Registration procedure.
Brokerage FAQs For Seller
We are the intermediary that makes all the formal processes of buying and selling properties easy for the Buyer and Seller- be it a ready flat or an underconstruction property from bti or another real estate developer.
Apart from hassle free buying or selling of your property, we provide our expertise of legal vetting of the documents, drafting of the Agreement, Sale Deed etc. We can also assist in the mutation, registration of the apartment from the relevant government offices.
There are several things you need to know before listing your home for sale! Not properly preparing a home for sale can put a home owner at a huge disadvantage.
The expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is absolutely true when it comes to selling a home. A home that is well prepared for home showings will likely sell faster than its competition. When selling a home you must be sure that your home presents itself in the best possible light. Making sure a home is cleaned, de-cluttered, bright, freshly painted and odor-free are just a few things that a seller must do to prepare the home for showings.
Generally, a seller is responsible because the buyer orders one or more home inspections but it doesn’t obligate the seller to make repairs or modifications as a result of those inspections. Typically, however, inspection reports are used to negotiate repairs of major problems, or environmental or safety hazards that may be noted. The purchase contract should provide guidance for these negotiations.
There are a handful of methods that we use to determine the value of a home. The most common method to determine the value of a home is by completing a comparative market analysis. A comparative market analysis also known as a CMA is an in-depth evaluation of recently sold “comparable” homes in the past 6-12 months.
A professionally completed “CMA” will take into account many features of not only a home, but also the local area and neighborhood. Considerations that a professionally completed “CMA” include, but is not limited too: Square footage Number of bedrooms Number of bathrooms Upgrades to kitchen Window quality Roof age Location Style of residence Flooring type
After getting relevant information, our team will visit the apartment and fix a sale price through discussion with you, the seller. We will then sign a MOU with you and the apartment will be listed in our Inventory, ready for Sale.
Normally you can do a Deed of Agreement (DOA) with bti brokerage for 6(six) months duration. After that it may be extended through mutual understanding between us.
Our commission policy for bti apartment is 5% (Five) of the total amount which will be deducted from the total agreed value which is settled by you, the seller. After deduction of bti commission, we will refund the rest of the amount to you.
It would be very unwise to try to back out of the contract because a purchase offer that’s accepted is a legal contract that the buyer can seek legal remedies to enforce.
Our required document list is : DOA (Registered) with Land owner and Developer. POA (Registered) which is given by Land owner to Developer. DOA with flat owner and Developer. Hand over letter by developer. Registration / Sale Deed copy. Mutation copy. RAJUK approved plan with forwarding letter. Land document : CS, RS, Mohanagar Khatian, Namjari, Up to date Khajna copy, NEC from RAJUK, Clearance from all Govt. Authority (if required).
If you agree to give POA to bti brokerage then it will be comfortable. Or else, we will sign an agreement with you. You must give us POA or give registration directly to the buyer at the time of payment cleared to you.
This frequently asked question is not one seller’s like to ask when selling a home, however, it can come up frequently. Many sellers hope selling a home is quick sale and gives a large cash-flow. This isn’t always the case though. Every contract has different terms but generally speaking, if you decide to cancel the listing agreement, you could possibly be responsible for any expenses incurred by the real estate agent and their brokerage.
Once you sign agreement with us, only then, we will upload your flat on our website for sale.

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