Glasses Girl: Uranus, though it may just be Purely Aesthetic

Jumping Out of a Cake: The Mads’ “Cake n’ Shake” invention, an instant cake mix with a Chippendale dancer included right in the box. Letting the Air Out of the Band: During the re enactment of “Are You Happy in Your Work?”, Tom and Crow (playing waiters) run into each other, making a mess. The song that Gypsy is lip syncing to slows down and stops as a result. Motor Mouth: “AslongasItalkreallyfastanddowhathesaysI’mgonnabeOK.” Off on a Technicality: Parodied. When Jimmy is on trial, the judge throws out the case: “Seeing as how it’s your birthday, we’ll let you go.” Rearrange the Song: Later in the film, there’s a scene set at the nightclub, and jazzy music plays in the background. Tom proceeds to sing: “Are you groovin’ with your cuckoo work? Hey!” Rock Me, Asmodeus!: While Kitty sings and Jimmy looks on, Crow riffs: “Yes Satan, speak to me through this song.” Running Gag: Many, including. Jimmy winning the essay contest. Jimmy’s birthday. Joel and the Bots coming up with even more ridiculous lies than the ones Jimmy says in the movie, some of them relating to World War II. (Singing) “Liar! Liar! Liar!” His mother’s alcoholism. Hamburgers with a french fried potatoes garnish. Quacking every time the door opens at Kitty’s apartment and a picture of ducks appears in the background. Serious Business: “You were supposed to get us a hamburger sandwich like in the movie! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS FAMILY?” Shout Out: Crow blurts out “was you ever bit by a dead bee” during the dinner scene, when Kitty is in maximum Lauren Bacall mode. This is a nod to Bacall’s first movie, To Have and Have Not. Society Is to Blame: The premise of “I Accuse My Parents” the person that committed the crime is blameless because his parents and everyone else failed him first. Song Parody: “He’s crazy. crazy for ‘ccusin’ his parents.” Title Drop: Jimmy says “I accuse my parents” in the first couple minutes, prompting Joel and the bots to be amazed at how quickly the film ended. Unfortunately for them, the entire movie is told in flashback. It does drop again at the end too. Values Dissonance: invoked The crew gets a lot of mileage over the Truck Farmer short happily describing clearcutting of forests, using dangerous chemicals on plants, low paid migrant labor and the worship of the automobile. Plus, “Thank god I’m white!” With Lyrics: Tom adds lyrics to the opening theme music to I Accuse My Parents: Tom: (singing) They laughed when I accused my parents and I more about killed them / Let’s see if they’ll be laughing noooooow!

Replica Bags Serious Business: Some characters act like Cheerleading and MMORPG’s are at least as important as world peace, prompting a few In Universe eye roles. Shown Their Work: When Charity/Kara is having to heal up Tenacity/Mallory from her beat down at the hands of a monster, Taralynn doesn’t shy away from getting into the nitty gritty details about what is being done in particular with how Charity is healing a collapsed lung! Taralynn acknowledged the help of a reader who was an EMT letting her know what would need to be done in such a situation and it shows! So Beautiful, It’s a Curse: Cute, petite, and buxom, Robynne is literally one of the most striking girls in school something she does not find thrilling as she is still struggling through her transition with no sign of the Second Law of Gender Bending in sight. Replica Bags

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high quality replica handbags Cast of Personifications: The premise is personifying the solar system as a diverse group of women who wear roller blades, though the physical planets still exist. Character Blog: Some of the Solar Sisterhood Blog entries are written by Jupiter (and one of them by The Sun). Crossover Ship: Possibly In Universe, Venus is dating a hand made plushie of Lil’ Formers Optimus Prime. Curtains Match the Window: Sun, Moon, and Neptune. And Eris. Cute Bookworm: Uranus. Dark Is Not Evil: Pluto. She’s a metal loving goth with skull motifs and depicted as a jerk, but she’s described as being deep down a good person. Dark Skinned Blonde/Dark Skinned Redhead: Sun combines the two tropes by having orange hair. Eris is a dark skinned redhead. Drama Queen: Moon seems to be one. All Drummers Are Animals: Eris, as befits someone named for a goddess of chaos. ’80s Hair: Jupiter, Sun, and Pluto. Friend to All Living Things: Jupiter. Funny Afro: Sun has one. The Generic Guy: Saturn is the least developed of the characters introduced so far. Genki Girl: Milky Way and Mars. Glasses Girl: Uranus, though it may just be Purely Aesthetic Glasses. Ceres. Gray Eyes: Moon. Hair Colors: Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette: Pluto, to go with her “hard rock” goth look. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Possibly justified with Mars, since she appears to be a, well, martian. Hair Decorations: Jupiter’s head scarf; Saturn has both a yellow ponytail holder and headphones. Hartman Hips: All of the girls to some degree. Hipster: Ceres seems to be based off this idea, both in looks and attitude. She has no symbol because she’s a non conformist. At least, that’s the in universe explanation; the out of universe explanation is that Lauren couldn’t think of one. Human Aliens: Mars being the exception. Innocently Insensitive: Uranus’s attempt at cheering up Pluto after her demotion. As a commenter put it:She seems like someone who would say “Don’t worry, statistics show that most people who go through a hard breakup eventually get over it with the help of counseling” and say it with such sincerity that you can’t hate her high quality replica handbags.