Goldman then reportedly turned around and started selling

All Drummers Are Animals: Luca. He’s a quiet and really nice guy offstage, but his drumming can get very intense and he’s often responsible for the “crazy” side of their music. Amicable Exes: Alberto and Roberta. Trojan Horse like a trophy, but letting it though the gate is like hiring Goldman Sachs. Greece hired the firm to help manage its mounting debt. Goldman then reportedly turned around and started selling credit default swaps so investors could bet against Greece mounting debt.

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Break the ice. Start the conversation. A simple “Hello” can do the trick. Idiotic Partner Confession: Ollie would rather keep the deed a secret as to not attract unsavory types; so what does Stanley do? Reveals the whole thing to a shady bartender first thing on their arrival. Ollie naturally slaps his idiotic partner, but way too late. Magical Realism: There’s Stan’s ability to light his thumb like a match, there’s Stan turning Ollie’s head 360 degrees, there’s Stan stretching Ollie’s neck several feet.

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