Mrs. Dilruba Ahmed Ruku and family receive handover of Apartment Unit in The Pillars

Every handover experience is unique to each apartment owner ,but they all have one thing in common-  the excitement and joy at receiving the news that your apartment is finally ready to be moved in is incomparable. Whether one had to wait for a few months or a year matters little to decrease the happiness of homeownership on that particular day- you can finally start living in your own home with your loved ones.

April 27, 2016, was such a memorable day in the life of Mrs. Dilruba Ahmed Ruku and her family.

A joyous atmosphere prevailed as Mrs. Dilruba Ahmed, Mr. Farhad Ahmed and Mr. Rukan Ahmed received the handover of their new apartment in the residence of The Pillars. The Pillars located in the heart of Dhanmondi is part of bti’s Premium Collection which offers homes designed and perfected o envelope you with a living experience in a world class city.

The apartment handover ceremony took place on the 7th floor of bti celebration point where Mrs. Dilruba Ahmed Ruku and her family members were present to celebrate the momentous occasion. Also present in the ceremony were Md. Zayed Hasan wholesale jerseys from china Khan and Md. Zakaria Bulbul from the customer service department of bti.

The handover program included a signing session where Mrs. Dilruba Ahmed Ruku received the Transfer of Possession of the Apartment Unit documents as well Handover of Apartment Keys document. With great enthusiasm, Mrs. Dilruba and her family received the apartment keys from Mr. Zayed Khan.

To make the event more memorable for Mrs. Dilruba Ahmed Ruku and her family, bti presented her with a bouquet of flowers and a cake to celebrate the joyous occasion of becoming an apartment owner.

All three of the family members expressed great delight in getting possession of their apartment well ahead of time. They had given booking for their apartment in June 2013 and throughout their journey with bti in these years, had developed quite a familial bond with the bti team.  In a comment, Mr. Rukan Ahmed stated that the hospitality and customer service of bti is such that they feel as if they are all part of a big family, which is a great achievement for bti since our motto is “To Win the customer’s heart.”

The handover ceremony concluded with a small photo session and Mrs. Dilruba and her family could not wait to show the pictures to her other son who lives abroad. All three family members thanked bti for bestowing them with a home that is a safe haven to live in.