He finds a completely different woman by that same name

Ministry of Fear was based on a novel by Graham Greene. Climbing Climax: Stephen and Carla driven to the roof of their building. Justified in this instance as they see Nazis climbing the stairs below them. Concealment Equals Cover: Averted when Carla shoots Willi through a door; see Darkened Building Shootout below. Darkened Building Shootout: The climactic shootout with Nazi spies takes place on a stairwell lit only by their muzzle flashes. The scene where Carla shoots Willi is another example slams a door shut, followed by Carla pulling the trigger inside a darkened room, with a hole appearing in the door. Willi is dead on the other side. Driven to Suicide: Travers the Nazi spy shoots himself after realizing that he can’t get away. Driving a Desk: Very obvious as Stephen and Carla are driving down the coast at the end. Fortune Teller: The woman at the fete who reads Stephen’s palm. After he accidentally says the code phrase, she tells him the weight of the cake. Impairment Shot: A fuzzy shot from Stephen’s POV when he’s waking up after the bomb blast. MacGuffin: Played straight, with the secret info hidden in the cake, which turns out to be “embarkation plans on our Channel minefields”. In true MacGuffin fashion, the film does not attempt to explain why the whole elaborate cake exchange was necessary, when the spies could have just handed the film over. Mercy Kill: Why Stephen was in the asylum in the first place. Actually, he didn’t even do the mercy kill. He got the poison for his dying wife, but she took it herself. Obfuscating Disability: A blind man takes a seat next to Stephen on the train. He isn’t really blind. He’s a Nazi, after the cake. Sleep Cute: When the all clear sounds after the air raid, Stephen discovers Carla nestled up to him, asleep. He’s pleased. Spooky Sance: Stephen traces the fortune teller to London. He finds a completely different woman by that same name, who works as a medium, and promptly has her join her spooky seance. Just as the medium is uttering some things that make Stephen really uncomfortable, a shot rings out, and Stephen is framed for murder. Spy Speak: Besides the Trust Password below, there is a scene where Travers the tailor and Nazi spy calls his superior. Travers speaks in fairly obvious code about how there’s “no hope at all”, supposedly about getting a suit ready, but really about his escape. After that conversation Traves dashes into a side room and kills himself. Tempting Fate: See You Wouldn’t Shoot Me below. Trust Password: The whole story unfolds after Stephen accidentally utters the code phrase, telling the palm reader to ignore the past and tell him the future. She then tells him the weight of the cake. You Wouldn’t Shoot Me: “You wouldn’t shoot your brother, Carla”, says Willi. She does.

Designer Replica Bags Mythology Gag: When Miss Marple gets a local taxi in the adaptations, she addresses the driver as Inch. This is a reference to the novels and short stories, in which the local taxi firm was originally owned by a Mr. Inch, but that it had changed hands and name several times since then. However, the locals always continued to refer to the taxi firm as “Inch’s”. Right Behind Me: In “They Do It With Mirrors”. Chief Inspector Slack almost seems to be expecting Miss Marple to turn up. He mentions that he keeps thinking of “that old busybody from St Mary Mead” and promptly hears Replica Handbags her polite “Good morning, Chief Inspector” from behind him. His expression borders on Oh, Crap!. Sexophone: Any time Lucky Dyson shows up in “A Caribbean Mystery”. Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Inspector Duckham for Inspector Craddock in “4:50 From Paddington”. Designer Replica Bags

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