Humans Are Special: They are

Dores’ parents are jerks in their own right in addition to being pretty rubbish as parents to her. Vandi’s dad is sweet and eccentric, but seems to have little grasp on the seriousness of situations. And he’s probably a big part of why Vandi was denied a real childhood.

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She initially plans to do this with her sister, but is talked down by JC and Charlotte. Monster Wrongs Group: Steph finds herself butting heads with PETM (People for the Ethical Treatment of Monsters), who demand that ‘cryptids’ be captured alive and unharmed. A notable subversion (especially when compared to PETA) is that PETM are well aware cryptids are dangerous and even have standard issue tasers.

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Our Monsters Are Different: Well, not quite. For starters, gnomes are still crazy tinkerers (their racial advantages give them bonuses to technical skills) and halflings are very social, with the (very extended) family being most important, and combined with their roguish streak serves as a good explanation for The Scylla, a large scale crime syndicate. Humans Are Special: They are.

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