In a flashback in “World of Krypton

A specific style of ImprovisedWeapon when a tradesperson uses the tools of their trade as combat weaponry. Iconic tools are preferred, because they demonstrate the character’s proficiency with the tool, despite the current use as a weapon. It serves the dual purpose of making the combatant’s style unique and reminding the audience what career they’re from..

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Defrosting Ice Queen: While not cold, the Weaver of Fate starts out very formal and mysterious when she first meets Crosby, the more she appears to him in dreams the more she warms up to him. By the second arc she is even flirting with him. She also warms up to Lugo when he flirts with her.

If memory serves and it been awhile competition has always served the American people well. In the past, competition led to stable employment for Americans in well paying jobs with benefits, lower prices and better products. When it made in America and assembled and distributed overseas, we seem to be stronger and do better as a nation.

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In pre Crisis Superman comics, gold was supposed to have been plentiful on Krypton, and worth about as much as any other fairly common industrial metal. In a flashback in “World of Krypton,” the Fake Designer Bags (pre Heel) General Zod is astounded to see Jor El building a rocket out of gold, one of the heaviest metals known. Jor El counters “It’s one of the cheapest, General and the weight factor is irrelevant since we’re dealing with anti gravity rather than conventional thrust engines! And by using a cheap metal like gold, I’ve managed to cut costs by two thirds!” Of course, Fridge Logic then kicks in when you remember that gold is not just heavy, but soft..

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