In the Santa Clarita Valley, 1,567 dogs and 826 cats were

You? How about we? Bush’s financial Wrecking Crew “gave this president an economy falling off the cliff.” Geithner was President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from October 23, 2003 until President Obama chose him as his Treasury Secretary. He was supposed to be the lead regulator of many of the largest bank holding companies. His failures as a regulator were a major cause of the “economy falling off the cliff.” Bernanke held prominent positions in the Bush administration from 2002 to the end of the administration and failed as a regulator an economist.

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Fake Designer Bags Santa Claus aka Allan Cameron takes dogs, cats and even a lizard or opossum upon his knee each year in a holiday fund raiser for the Pet Assistance League, which provides discounted spaying and neutering.It is just tragic beyond comprehension, that so many animals are destroyed each year because of pet overpopulation,” Cameron said. Today at Pet Stop, 16522 Soledad Canyon Road, Canyon Country. Donations will go toward reducing the numbers of unwanted dogs and cats.In the Santa Clarita Valley, 1,567 dogs and 826 cats were destroyed in the 1999 2000 fiscal year at the Castaic Animal Shelter, said Judy Meraz, deputy director of Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.Fund raisers such as the one this weekend are important in helping to make it affordable for pet owners to spay or neuter their dogs and cats, Meraz said.A lot of people just can’t afford the cost of having their click animal altered,” Meraz said. Fake Designer Bags

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