It was on the moon, wasn’t it?” But for Me, It Was Tuesday:

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Looking back on her work with Kelly and Astaire during a 2002 interview in The New York Times, Ms. Charisse said that her husband, Mr. Martin, always knew whom she had been dancing with. Bluff the Impostor: To a ludicrous extreme when Skrulls impersonate everyone in the Baxter Building; Reed asks questions like “How was it we first met? Five hundred years ago. It was on the moon, wasn’t it?” But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Ronan the Accuser is disgraced and exiled thanks to Johnny in the first episode, 14 later when the Super Skull appears it turns out he allied with this Kree to become a Super Skull, Johnny’s reaction even while he and the Kree fight, “You’d be surprised how many blue guys we fight.” He NEVER recognizes him. Butt Monkey: HERBIE Brainwashed and Crazy: Johnny in “Johnny Storm And The Potion Of Fire” Bratty Half Pint: A popular child star hangs out at the Baxter Building for an episode.

Fake Bags Great blog! Couldnt have put that any better. Esp. Being in Germany, now that all the teams and fans and public viewings are gone its so weird! Yesterday night I didnt know what to do with myself lol, definetly not watching any tv since there is even less on here now than in germany (played football in the garden instead;). Fake Bags

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