Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Andy is a lot more caring than he

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Designer Replica Bags Papa Wolf: Despite his faults, Andy will go out of his way for his family if they’re in danger. Phony Veteran: Andy defines this trope. Andy remembers things. differently from what really happened. Might be that it is a defense mechanism of trying to cope with what really happened, making Andy a Shell Shocked Veteran. For all the jokes about how he’s a fake, one episode revolved around Louie finding a picture of his dad’s old squad. without his dad. The logical ensues. Until he meets his dad’s old squaddies, and they glorify him and say he was holding the camera. Politician Guest Star: President Dwight D. episode to confirm that Andy’s stories about him are true. Puppy Love: Jeannie and Louie. Though not of the sickenly cute variety. The Renaissance Age of Animation Ridiculously Long Phone Hold: In one episode, Ora (the mother of the main character) calls the camp where Louie is on a vacation, since she wants to talk to him. Due to the fact that Louie is currently on a trip through the forest, and a troubled one at that, the woman who receives the call tells Ora that it might take some time before he can come to the phone. Ora says that she will wait anyway, possibly spending a few hours just sitting at the phone silently. The episode ends with Louie’s dad receiving an absurdly high phone bill. Designer Replica Bags

cheap replica handbags He Who Must Not Be Seen: Played with for Andy and Ora’s eight other kids. Sometimes they’ve been outright seen, but usually the three variants are made use of in some fashion. Insult Comic: Louie once became aquainted with an immensely popular stand up comedian (who used to be friends with Louie’s mother) whose whole routine revolved around selecting people in the audience to insult for humor. When Louie himself became a target of mockery for his weight, he decided that he didn’t want to become known as a comedian who made fun of other people’s misery. The end of the episode shows the comedian Lonely at the Top. It Will Never Catch On: Andy’s almost exact words about a new concept of a “mall”. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Andy is a lot more caring than he lets on. Lighter and Softer: Definitely this compared to Anderson’s real life childhood. Mama Bear: Ora doesn’t have many moments, but when she outright snaps Andy’s shotgun in half for bringing a loaded weapon in the house to shoot a deer, you know she’s got some qualities. Mbius Neighborhood: Anderson’s only neighbors we see are Jensens. Nostalgia Filter: How Anderson was able to turn an emotionally abusive childhood growing up with an alcoholic, wife beating father in the slums of St. Paul, Minnesota into this. No Swastikas: Played straight in Andy’s World War II flashbacks. To a point. Although there aren’t any Swastikas, the German soldiers he is seen fighting do have prominent Waffen SS lightning bolt insignia (even if they’re wearing World War I era Pickelhaube helmets for some reason). Is Serious Business: How Louie proved to Ora that everybody are going nuts without Jen GlenLouie: Hey, dad, tell me about Designer Replica Handbags war cheap replica handbags.