Kitana (returning in Gold) in favor of Tanya

Stories in the Ponies of Olympus timeline: Ditzy Don’t: After Ditzy Doo messes up one too many times, Rainbow bans her from the weather team. Ditzy turns to Twilight to help her get over her clumsiness, but can she and the rest of her friends get the job done or will it only result in further calamity? Rolling In Beaches: When Spike and his friends go on a trip to Daypony Beach, he’s rescued from the sea by a strange filly. Despite having reservations about this mute pony, Spike and his friends welcome her into their group. However, the restless ocean as well as the innkeeper’s warnings about the mysterious “ponies of the sea” has everypony nervous, and when a nearby clan of dragons becomes involved, things go from bad to worse. Head of a Dog; Tail of a Lion: After being worked like a dog, Spike decides that the Princess Summit is for the birds. His trip to the market goes to the dogs when the Crystal Empire is subjected to an unprecedented raid on their home turf and Spike suddenly finds himself in a gilded cage. It seems that birds of a feather flock together, though, and he is treated as top dog, so when his eagle eye spots some underpawed dealings, will he let sleeping dogs lie or will he beard the lion in its den? Somebody to Love: Rarity has been unlucky in love, so when Princess Cadance offers to use her special talents to help her in her quest she enthusiastically agrees. Will Rarity ride the wild wind of romance, or will harsh reality put out the fire? Atlas Strongest Tournament: The Atlas Strongest Tournament is a tradition which stretches back to the beginning of the history of the Atlantean continent, and this year Princess Luna is officiating the tournament. Rarity receives a visit from her old Spinese master as young Scootaloo enters the tournament. Meanwhile, Darkness is gathering as the Queen of the Changelings begins her own secret plans for revenge against Twilight Sparkle and Ponyville.

wholesale replica bags Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Kitana, Jade, and Sindel don’t appear in this game, even though it’s set in their homeworld of Edenia (Gold somewhat rectified this by including Kitana and Mileena). Also, Noob Saibot is only a secret character, despite his presence in UMK3 foreshadowing Shinnok’s return in this game. Ditto Fighter: Shinnok is a Tsungxpert variety, except he doesn’t transform like ol’ Shang. Dummied Out: Quite a few things. In the original game old characters were last minute changed for new ones. Kitana (returning in Gold) in favor of Tanya, Noob Saibot (although he’s still playable via a code) in favor of Reiko and Kano in favor of Jarek. This explains why these new characters have moves/fatalities similar to the older ones, particularly noticeable in the case of Jarek, whose second fatality is shooting an eye beam when he doesn’t have a robotic eye like Kano does (and he shoots it from both eyes). Kitana is playable in the Nintendo 64 version via Game Shark code; even then, she’s clearly a recolor of Tanya with a different face model. Also, Noob Saibot was completed for the home releases and made into a secret character. There was also a stage called Skull. Gold had an unreleased character called Belokk. Game Breaking Bug: The initial version, which wasn’t technically supposed to get out to the public (it had missing Fatalities, no Combo Limiter, missing characters, no endings.) had a bug where one character could lift his opponent to the top of the screen by using a special move properly. The “lift” wouldn’t wear off until the target was hit by something else, and nothing could get up that high, so the game was effectively stuck, especially if the game timer was disabled. Revision 3.0 had a bug where performing Reptile’s Acid Spit fatality on Scorpion would crash the game. Have a Nice Death: Have fun with the Game Over sequence. Nostalgia Level: The Living Forest (from 2 and Trilogy) and Goro’s Lair (from all three previous games) return, complete with rearrangements of the old BGM. The Gold release adds the Church, Soul Chamber, and a combination of Scorpion’s Hell and Kahn’s Lair, from MK3 and Ultimate. Pre Mortem One Liner: Delivered to Jarek in Jax’s ending, as Jax is holding Jarek by the neck over a cliff. Jarek: “You have to uphold the law! You have to arrest me! Wait! Wait! This is brutality! You can’t do it!” wholesale replica bags

Replica Handbags Aristocrats Are Evil: Well, the Duke’s certainly not evil, but he does enjoy manipulating his advisers. As Long as It Sounds Foreign: A particularly odd example; Shakespeare Replica Handbags ostensibly sets the play in Vienna but gives all the characters Italian names just. because. Bad Habits: The Duke. He poses as a friar, up to and including granting absolution to men condemned to death. Bed Trick: Angelo attempts to use the Scarpia Ultimatum on Isabella; she convinces Angelo’s rejected fianc Mariana, who still loves him, to go in her place. Cassandra Truth: What awaits Isabelle if she tries to accuse Angelo. The Chessmaster: The Duke, who deftly arranges and resolves the entire plot. Clark Kenting: The Duke’s disguise fools everyone, even his closest and most trusted adviser. The commoners have an excuse for not knowing who he is, but Angelo? Cruel Mercy: Angelo has lost his post, been forced to marry a former fiance, and had his reputation ruined as a hypocrite, but is allowed to live Replica Handbags.