Knight Templar: The vast majority of the major antagonists

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Wholesale replica bags Rasputinian Death: There are at least two examples of this in the final fight. Rule of Funny:. Let’s just say “a lot” and leave it at that. Knight Templar: The vast majority of the major antagonists, and a few minor ones, are so utterly convinced that their way of thinking is both correct and just, that not only do they ignore any and all evidence to the contrary, but almost universally react with murderous rage upon whomever dares voice dissent in any way. This inevitably leads to them being Hoist by His Own Petard, without exception. Latter antagonists fail to learn from the mistakes of previous antagonists and continue to think themselves vastly superior to Yusuke, on every level, and proceed to do the same abhorrent behavior that doomed their predecessors, utterly failing to understand where they went wrong, the only difference is in the scale of their attrocity. Wholesale replica bags

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