Let bti do the work while you relax and reap the benefits of owning property in Bangladesh!


We have been doing this for more than 35 years. Construction is our business along with ensuring full satisfaction of our customers and business partners. Don’t just take our word for it. You can read some of the comments of the landowners for whom we have developed properties over the years. You can also see the projects we have completed so far as seeing is believing. Entrust us as your joint venture partner. Be a part of bti, the leading real estate developer in Bangladesh.

Our experience in the real estate industry helps us maximize the value of your land and ensures the security of your asset. After all, we have been building apartments since 1984.


What do we do differently?

The process of dealing with real estate developers in Bangladesh is quite a complex one. This is because once you handover your most valuable asset to a developer in good faith, you take a risk.

At bti, we are like an open book to read and enjoy. Everyone claims to be different but at bti, we believe you have to go beyond the trust factor and find out about who you entrust your property with.

Find out about us and why you should trust us.

There are different ways to do business with us. You can choose us as your joint venture partner to develop your land. We prefer that. Sometimes, we also buy land outright. If a few of you own an old building, we may buy it off you and develop it into a new one as your partner. Lastly, we can also design and construct your property on contract.

Joint Venture with bti

At bti, we treat landowners like business partners. We have a specialized customer service team that also tends to our landowners. We understand how difficult it is if you have to break your present home and make a new one or when you have to part with your asset and are unsure of the results.

The joint venture process includes mundane procedures like signing the Deed of Agreement and giving the Power of Attorney, soil tests, sharing and approval of plans, mutation of documents and more. These bureaucratic procedures can be very tedious but at bti our endeavor is to make these processes as smooth and stress free as possible for you. Our expert business development and logistics teams are there to get things done smoothly. This is regular routine work for us, though for a landowner, it may seem like a mountain of hassle!

We also make sure that the deal with you, the landowner, is as fair as possible, keeping your perspectives and goals in mind. However, we are practical people and we want to ensure the fastest sale of your property, so we hope that you, as the landowner will also take our experience into cognizance when joining hands with us.

To make your experience with us the smoothest, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to be our joint venture partner. We hope you enjoy the guide as much as we enjoy being at your service!

Step 1: Research

Read about bti, visit our projects, and browse through our customer and land owner testimonials. Contact us or submit the Application form via email.

Step 2: Meet Us, Sign DOA, and Give Us POA

You can meet us, call us, or e-mail us. If you would like bti to be your partner for joint venture development of your land, a Deed of Agreement will be signed, and you will give us a Power of Attorney to undertake the project.

Step 3: Intimation Ceremony Arranged by CSD

After signing the contract, our Customer Service Department will arrange the Intimation Ceremony. You will be welcomed to bti and introduced to the various people that you will interact with over the course of time. It’s important that you are aware of who can help you and rest assured that our customer service department is always there to back you.

Step 4: Digital Survey & Soil Test

A digital survey and soil test of your land will be done to initiate the design process.

Step 5: Sharing & Approval of the Plan

Our designers will meet you to understand your requirements and prepare the plans trying to accommodate as much of your requirements as possible. Once complete, the plans will be submitted to the concerned government authorities for approvals. After the submission of plans, we will give you a monthly update on what stage the plan approval process is at.

Step 6: Work Starts and Sales Begin

We will start to sell our share of apartments, while you may choose to retain your portion or sell some or all apartments through us too.

Step 7: Construction Commencement

Construction work will commence as per the Deed of Agreement (DOA) and will be completed as per schedule. Customer service will update you of monthly work progress.

Step 8: Changes, Interior Work and Schedule Maintenance

This is a crucial step to achieving a good design and timely handover. You may need changes in your plans and by now you must have studied them in-depth. You can talk to our interior architects and make your dream home come true. If the changes are major, you are welcome to take our services specially discounted for you. If the changes are minor, it’s on the house!

Step 9: Know Your Neighbors

Before the handover of the apartment complex, you will be introduced to all the other homeowners or commercial space owners. Various issues of common interest will be discussed in this meeting to ensure communal harmony and general maintenance procedures.

Step 10: Final Inspection and Handover

Your apartment/ commercial portion will be completely ready for you at this stage. This is the step in which you will be able to have one final inspection of your flat before we hand it over to you, with the help of one of our Customer Service Department members.

Step 11: Handover Ceremony

Your apartment/ commercial portion will be completely ready for you at this stage. This is the step in which you will be able to have one final inspection of your flat before we hand it over to you, with the help of one of our Customer Service Department members.

Step 12: The Beginning, not the End

Welcome to our family – we are there to always support you and help you out in any way we can. You will receive free one year after sales service from our customer service department during which we will help you out with any problem you may face.

Outright Sale of your land or building

In some instances, we do purchase property outright. In such cases a mutual agreement and proper paper work is conducted.

Construction on Contract

Interested in retaining your land but unsure how to get it designed and built? Relax! We are here to help you.


As Dhaka city grows, lots of changes take place in its different neighborhoods. You may own an old building or be a part of a group of residents in an old building who wish to upgrade their homes. We can buy off old buildings from all the owners and develop a brand new one instead.


FAR means Floor Area Ratio. The FAR is the total covered area on all floors of the building on a plot divided by the area of the plot. FAR is a control measure introduced to limit the density of an area and regulate the use of land as per the plan and manage growth and development.

Total covered area on all floors
Total covered area of the plot

The maximum construction area of any building depends on the land size and front side road width. As per the FAR rules, each segment of land size has maximum ground coverage (MGC) and FAR value as per the front road width. If we calculate land size in sft/meter and multiply with FAR value then we will get the maximum construction area of the building.

Example: If we consider a “5 Katha” plot and front side road is 25 feet width then the maximum ground coverage will be 62.50% as per FAR rules. So the maximum construction area will be:

Land Area=5 katha=3,600 sft (1 katha =720 sft)

FAR = 3.75 (as per Rajuk Rules)

Construction area= (Land area X FAR)=3600 X 3.75=13,500 sft

We can add 2.5% balcony facilities (as per Rajuk Rules),

So,balcony facilities =13500 X 2.5 %=337 sft

Total construction area is (Construction Area+ Balcony Area) = (13500 sft+337 sft) =13,837 sft

DAP means Detail Area Planning. The general objectives of DAP are to implement the provisions of the DMDP Structure Plan (SP) and Urban Area Plan (UAP) policies and recommendations.

The number of parking space depends on land size, land shape, building height, basement provision, car lift, park lift etc.

Example: If we consider a “5 Katha” plot and the dimension of the plot is 72’ X 50”, then maximum 8-9 car parking spaces are possible after the fulfillment of the common facilities.

Basement floor construction is generally expensive and unless constructed with care, there can be water leakage and dampness issues. For smaller plots of land (say below 8katha), usually basements are not feasible. However, for larger plots of land requiring a large number of parking, basement becomes a necessity.

Space sharing refers to the use of space in an apartment complex by the Landowner and the Developer. It segregates the portions of the apartment complex belonging to the Landowner and the Developer. In a joint venture development, space sharing depends on mutual understanding between the Developer and the Landowner. There is no thumb rule. Basically, it depends on the value of the land, selling price of the property, requirements of the number of apartment units, signing money given to the Landowner, etc.

Floor distribution is done through mutual understanding between Landowner and Developer. Both Landowners and Developer choose the floors as per merit or value of the property.

The size of the apartment is the net floor area of the apartment plus the common areas as specified in the Real Estate Management Act 2010

As per the Real Estate Management Act 2010,  spaces such as lift-lobby, staircase room, lift machine room, generator room, sub-station room, caretaker’s room, guard room and other common facilities like gym space, prayer room, library room, guest waiting area, reception area etc. are considered as common space.

RAJUK and Cantonment board (Dhaka) are the final authorities for approval of plan. Plan approval depends on various factors such building height, regular project or special project, apartment number, road-width, permission of concerned authorities (Civil aviation, traffic, DMP, environment etc), conditions of the township planning department, lease hold property or free hold property, land status etc.

Fire protection in apartment building is ensured through availability of essential fire fighting tools such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, sprinklers etc. Having a fire staircase is mandatory as per BNBC rules.

bti follows the BNBC code for the earthquake protection. Beyond implementing BNBC code, bti is the only developer who has introduced the jacketing system, which is a scientifically proven method to make buildings more earthquake resistant.

bti carries out appropriate testing to ensure all the materials used are of highest quality. bti also tests the materials (steel bar) and concrete strength from BUET.

Possession/ handover issue is subject to mutual understanding between Developer and Landowner. Generally, the possession/ handover is required after plan has been approved from the concerned authority.

bti provides 1 year free after sales service to the apartment owners for maintenance and upkeep of the apartment.

bti follows all rules and guidelines, uses materials of highest standard quality and goes beyond that through implementing technology that makes building greater earthquake resistant. All of these ensure that your building is a safe home with superior construction quality. We also greatly appreciate our clients visiting the site during construction to see the quality for themselves.

Upon completion of the project, we arrange a meeting of all the owners of the built property to form an association and form an ad hoc committee and provide them with a set of by-laws. The ad hoc committee subsequently arranges an election to appoint the office bearers of the association. The Owners’ Association is responsible for maintenance of the building and regular accounts.

Please feel free to use the contact form or call us: +8801755660042

Happy Landowners

Kazi Shaela Akhter & Family
My experience with bti has been wonderful. It was very reassuring for me to see them committed to their work throughout the whole process.

Kazi Shaela Akhter & Family

Landowner of Southern Heights, Uttara, Dhaka

Capt. Mohammad Belayat Hossain & Family
"When building a home, selecting the right developer company was a very important decision. We were looking for a reliable company who could understand our requirements and give us a safe haven. bti was definitely the right choice."

Capt. Mohammad Belayat Hossain & Family

Landowner of Atlantis, North Gulshan, Dhaka

Saima Anjum & Family
"Choosing bti as joint venture partner for our land development was indeed a wonderful experience. From start to finish, we were stress free as we experienced first-hand why bti is a leading real estate company in Bangladesh."

Saima Anjum & Family

Landowner of The Delight, Chittagong.

Mrs. Saki Kazi
"Out of all the real estate developers, we chose to give our land to bti for development since communicating with them was very easy and there was a certain comfort level between us. We also knew about bti’s reliability and strength in construction, which is why we chose bti."

Mrs. Saki Kazi

Landowner of The Sunrise, Bashundhara, Dhaka

Mr. Habibul Muhit & family
"There was no room for complaints; bti’s customer service speaks for themselves. We are really glad that we chose bti as the real estate company to develop our land."

Mr. Habibul Muhit & family

Landowner of Kanchan, O R Nizam Road, Chittagong

Lt. Col. Mohammmad Hussain & Family
"Who says developing a land involves a lot of hassle? Just go to bti like we did and you will see the difference for yourself"

Lt. Col. Mohammmad Hussain & Family

Landowner of The Creed, Uttara. Dhaka

Mrs. Momota Muqtader & her Family
"We are very glad we chose bti as the developer of the project on our land. Working with them has been a pleasant experience as they handled matters very smoothly"

Mrs. Momota Muqtader & her Family

Landowner of Rosalyn, Uttara– 1

Md. Mokhlesur Rahman
"bti’s outstanding quality in construction was a key driver in handing over our land development project to them."

Md. Mokhlesur Rahman

Land Owner of Grace Haven, Uttara, Dhaka.

Dr. Kabirul Islam
"In all of my years, I have rarely come across a company as professional as bti. bti is truly a trustworthy name in the real estate sector of Bangladesh."

Dr. Kabirul Islam

Landowner of My Forte, Lalmatia, Dhaka.

Mr. Quazi Ali Tareq and Family
"We are very pleased to hand over our project to bti. We know they have a brand value in the real estate market of Bangladesh for which it was very easy for us to give our land to bti."

Mr. Quazi Ali Tareq and Family

Landowner of Glendale, Uttara, Dhaka

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