No Holds Barred Beatdown: Daring dishes one out to a “trap

Setting up a bar cart should begin not with the booze but with the cart, says Bethesda designer Marika Meyer. Relate the cart’s material, whether brass, chrome or wood, to the room’s design, and look for one with storage shelves. “The basics for a bar are an ice bucket with tongs, glasses, mixers, cocktail napkins and the liquor,” Meyer says.

AH: Laszlo has to end of. The Taysiders have taken a massive gamble by appointing the former Hearts boss. There is no margin for error now. Which it would, since it’s probably several dozen tons. Artistic License Physics: They place concrete barriers in a cul de sac so when the lava reaches them it’ll dam itself, but they face it in the wrong direction for the dam to work. In real life dams and bridges need to have the arc against the point with the most pressure.

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Me say that with conviction. I am a job creator. Thousands and thousands of jobs are created by me and my screenwriting colleagues every single year without fail. Now that this flirtation is over and can we just dismiss Sarah Palin already? She’s not running and if she did, she can’t possibly win. The GOP nominee will be Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. That’s not an appealing choice for Republicans: a phony flip flopper or an extreme candidate who makes lots of mistakes.

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