If you are an NRB looking to invest in real estate property in your homeland, you might have some qualms about it. Here we have compiled a list of FAQs to assist you in case of buying property in Bangladesh from overseas.

ANS: If you want to buy a property from bti, you will have to fill up an application form, followed by making payment of earnest money to the company. To complete the purchase, you need to sign “Allotment Letter” and “Deed of Agreement”. If you are making the booking from overseas, you can sign, scan and email or fax us the Application Form. You will need to pay the Earnest Money to confirm the booking; you can send the funds through the banking channel or your authorized representative in Bangladesh can pay the Earnest Money on your behalf.

Upon receipt of the Earnest Money, we will prepare the Deed of Agreement and Allotment Letter and we will send these to you vide courier for your signature and returning the same back to us. This completes the formality of booking/reserving your desired property with us.

The Allotment letter issued to you will specify the payment schedule of your balance installments and you will have to ensure timely payment of these installments.

ANS: No, there are no restrictions on the number of properties an NRB can purchase.

ANS: You can remit the installment or other payments directly to bti Bank Account. After remitting the money, you will need to send the scanned copy of the remittance receipt to bti Customer Service Department. bti will acknowledge the amount by filling-up Form-“C”. After crediting the amount to bti Bank Account, bti Customer Service Department will issue Money Receipt. Alternatively, your authorized representative in Bangladesh can make the payment on your behalf and bti will issue the money receipt in your name.

ANS: Yes, like all our customers, our NRB customer may also wish to customize his property as per his choice

bti Customer Service Department will email you the photographs/drawings of standard features/fixtures/specification. If you have any observations regarding standard drawing or wish to substitute the standard fixture provided by bti, bti Customer Service department will send the costing and the drawing for your approval. Once you approve the changes, these will be incorporated in due course.

ANS: bti uploads the status of construction progress for all ongoing projects every month. click here to see the construction progress of our ongoing projects.

ANS: After making any transaction (Payment, Charge or Adjustment), you will get an SMS and get an email of Accounts Statement.

ANS: Yes, you can obtain loan from financial institutions subject to the fulfillment of the conditions of the financial institution. For details click here

ANS: The NRB customer will be officially informed about the completion of the project and notice to take handover of the property. At the time of handover of the possession of the property we will give you the keys, the handover documents and the Clear Transfer of Possession paper will be signed by both parties. If you are unable to be physically present for the handover, you can authorize your representative in Bangladesh to complete the formalities on your behalf.

ANS: Yes. bti can also provide professional support to rent out your apartment. bti can also provide property management services like rent collection and deposit to your bank account, payment of your common service charges, utility bills and property taxes etc when you are living abroad.

For Transfer/Sales Permission

  • Photographs 2 Copies
  • Passport Photocopy

For Registration

  • Photograph 1 Copy
  • Passport Photocopy
  • Overseas Address

Mutation from concern Authority (Rajuk,CDA,NHA etc)

  • Photograph 1 Copy
  • Passport Photocopy

Mutation from concern Authority (Rajuk,CDA,NHA etc)

  • Photograph 1 Copy
  • Passport Photocopy

Mutation from AC Land

  • Photograph 1 copy

Steps for Transfer/Sale Permission

  • bti will send a Sale Permission Letter in bti Letter Head to you for signing
  • bti will submit the signed Sales Permission Letter to Concerned authority like RAJUK after putting the Power of Attorney holder signature from bti’s side.
  • Concerned Authority will give Sale Permission Letter (1st Letter)
  • You will have to make the payment for Sales Permission in favor of Chairman RAJUK/CDA and thereafter, RAJUK/CDA will give final Sales Permission (Final Letter).

(Note: Transfer/Sales Permission is required only for Leasehold Property such as Land of Rajuk, Cantonment Board, Ministry of Works and National Housing Authority. For Freehold Property Sales Permission is not required.)

Steps for Registration

  • Registration has to be completed within 3 months from the date of final Sales Permission Letter.
  • bti will make the Sale Deed (Registration Deed) and will send it to you for signing and fingerprint.
  • After receiving the signed Sale Deed along with registration cost, bti will fulfill the rest of the process on your behalf.
  • After completing the registration process, bti will send SRO token (Registration Receipt) along with one certified copy to you.

Mutation from Concerned Authority (Rajuk, CDA, NHA etc)

  • bti will make Mutation Document and send it to you for signing.
  • After getting signed Mutation Document from you along with required payment, bti will submit it to RAJUK/CDA.
  • Upon receiving Mutation Paper from RAJUK/CDA, bti will send it to you.

Mutation from AC Land Office

  • Necessary documents will be submitted by bti for Mutation.
  • You will have to make the required payment for mutation of property.
  • After getting Mutation Paper from AC Land Office, bti will send it to you.

ANS: Yes, our brokerage wing is set up to assist our customers in selling their property. This service has been set up specially keeping our NRB customers in mind. For details please click here and contact with bti Brokerage team.

ANS: Yes. You can transfer your apartment/ commercial space by way of gift as per your requirement.

ANS: Yes. NRB customer can be a member of Owners’ Association. On behalf of you, any authorized person can be your representative in the Association.

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