Peer Pressure: Better to be called a liar than to shame the

While the three leads each embody various aspects of the typical characters found in bro comedies, they are clearly shown to be Man Children simply emulating what television and movies have told them is cool. Because of this, the series manages to both present the protagonists as fairly innocent and sympathetic while also lampooning the portrayal of masculinity in media. Ambiguously Bi: All three of the guys constantly try to sleep with women and are explicitly stated to have had sex in the past, but constantly show attraction to other men, talk about blowing each other and get erections from seeing each other’s erections.

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I know that People Sit on Chairs has been used as a theoretical litmus test to see whether a concept is a trope. It seems to focus on how a trope must have meaning beyond “a thing happens.” This should be simple, but the definition of “meaningful” doesn’t seem to be solid. I’ve seen strict and loose interpretations of what “meaningful” entails, as well as trope concepts where chairs isn’t even applicable.

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Replica Handbags Rage Against the Heavens: Hakka is tired of being a cog in a machine, only existing to maintain the Akashic Records, so he plots to kill himself to go against his purpose, while doing as much damage as possible. Reset Button: Hit at the end of the manga, starting the series over again (though with Hakka imprisoned so he can’t enact his plan,) with some characters like Michiru, Bekkou and Yuuta remembering the previous loop. Ret Gone: It’s eventually revealed that Ferrymen like Bekkou have the ability to erase anything that contradicts the Akashic Records from existence (like zombies, and restoring anything the zombies interact with.) The reason they don’t just do this all the time instead of bothering with hiring legal zombies to take care of the illegal ones is because it’s a Godzilla Threshold style ability, and is very messy and doesn’t fix everything. Replica Handbags

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