To make your property buying easy, we have compiled a list of FAQs that can help answer your queries. For additional information, you can use the “contact us” form.
Buying a property

ANS: For booking an apartment or commercial space from bti, first you will have to fill up an application form, followed by making payment of earnest money to the company. To complete the purchase, you need to sign “Allotment Letter” and “Deed of Agreement”.

ANS: bti ensures all required approvals and permits from concerned authorities are in place prior to the launching of a project. Construction work of a project is commenced only after obtaining all the required approvals and permits.


For buying a property, firstly you will have to pay the booking/signing money which constitutes 10% of total payment followed by monthly installments which comprise of the rest 90% amount. You will have to pay this on a monthly basis until the handover period. Although this is the standard, payment may be varied upon mutual discussion.

If you make onetime payment or advance payment from the standard payment schedule, you would be entitled to a discount calculated on the cost of capital.

Yes. bti has tie ups with several financial institutions providing home loan for Local and Non Resident Bangladeshis. However, you require bank approval for availing the home loan which depends on your income, status and bank regulations.

You can avail up to 70% loan amount and get tenure of up to 25 years. You need to repay the loan through EMI.


The standard handover procedure entails the Buyer to make final inspection of the apartment with the concerned representative from our Customer Service Department to ensure that everything is in order. Before handover, the buyer must clear all payments. Four working days are required by bti fo completing all the internal procedures. After that the Buyer has to come to bti Corporate Office to receive the Keys and the formal Possession Handover document. If for some reason the buyer is unable to personally attend the handover, he/she should authorize someone with a Power of Attorney who will receive handover on the buyer’s behalf.

You need to clear all payment charges before receiving handover of the apartment.

Yes. In that case, as per Real Estate Act 2010, you will have to forfeit 10% (ten percent) of the total paid amount to the company and rest of the amount will be refunded to you within 90 (ninety) days from the date of such cancellation.

Yes. As a Buyer, you will receive compensation from bti if you do not receive handover of your apartment unit within the stipulated date mentioned in the Deed of Agreement, provided certain conditions are met and there has been no default in installment on your part.

Maintenance and Management Services

The apartment owners form a Committee which is responsible for the common affairs of the apartment complex. The committee is responsible for maintenance of the building, generator & substation, payment of support staff’s salary & utility bills, maintenance of books of accounts, arrangement of monthly meeting, annual meeting between all apartment owners etc.

The Reserve Fund consists of contribution from all apartment owners which each owner has to pay before the handover. The fund is utilized for the general maintenance of the apartment complex and it’s appurtenances. The Company will reimburse the total collected amount from all the customers of the particular project to the Apartment Owners’ Committee.

The monthly common service charge is a payment made monthly by all apartment owners towards the running costs of the apartment complex. It typically covers the utility bills payment, generator fuel cost; lift maintenance cost, the wages of a concierge and security guards etc.

Yes. As per bti Terms and Conditions you will receive free maintenance service for one year from date of project completion.


The registration/transfer/mutation of apartment is an important step in home buying but unfortunately it is a bureaucratic and cumbersome process. To make apartment buying hassle free, as a Power of Attorney holder, bti will provide the Buyer with the required registration/transfer/mutation services but relevant costs pertaining to transfer/registration/ mutation have to be borne by the Buyer.

For Transfer/Sale Permission from Concerned Authority

  • Photographs
  • NID Copy
  • Sale permission Application
  • Approval copy of Plan
  • Lease Deed Certify Copy

For Registration

  • Photographs
  • NID Copy
  • E-TIN Copy
  • Passport Copy (for overseas customer)
  • Overseas Address (for overseas customer)
  • Transfer permission copy from Concern Authority
  • Up to date Tax copy
  • Khatain Copy
  • DCR Copy
  • Power of Attorney Copy

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