Reiter is currently the Director of ESA’s Directorate of Human

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Replica Hermes Designated as Flight Engineer, he also conducted 19 experiments while on board the ISS and participated in a 5 hour and 54 minute spacewalk. He returned to earth after 171 days in space.The two long duration missions that Reiter participated in gave him the distinction of being the only astronaut, other than an American or Russian, with 350 days in space.Reiter is currently the Director of ESA’s Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations. He is responsible for managing European contributions to the ISS, overseeing human spaceflight activities for the Agency, the Space Situational Awareness Programs and operations of ESA satellite missions Hermes Replica Australia, along with coordinating the evolution of ESA’s international partners in the ISS program.Immediately following the induction luncheon, a reception will be held at the German Community Center, 1451 Galway Drive Replica Hermes.