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The question isn’t whether the ban on the depiction of Mohammad is relevant to western societies, for it should certainly not be in a non Muslim country, but whether various newspapers’ judgments in printing or re printing the cartoons was flawed. Firstly, the mere commissioning of the cartoons was clearly a provocative act meant to stir up debate and test boundaries (as the best cartoon of the lot shows by lampooning the newspaper it’s to be published in). Secondly, once the decision was made to portray Mohammed, which in and of itself may be offensive to Muslims but cannot be defined as hateful, should there have been a judgment as to which cartoons were “suitable” for print? It is not a question of self censorship, nor is it a question of avoiding offense, but rather a question of whether any of the cartoons were either inappropriate in that they might perpetuate stereotypes and incite racist behavior, or whether they were just downright racist.

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