The Tale of a Synonymous Progress


2021 is an auspicious year for this country. Humanity came up with the vaccination for an unforeseen epidemic and Bangladesh is now officially 50 years old as a sovereign nation. The country has come a long way from what it used to be. Every Bengali knows about the monumental struggle and sacrifice the people went through to achieve sovereignty. Since then, Bangladesh has seen waves of progress that are praiseworthy. The country is now a middle-income nation and has overcome most of its poverty issues. Its current GDP is higher than that of India and with each passing season, it is becoming agriculturally self-sufficient. Sectors, such as- IT, Education, Road and Transportation Network, Garments, Sports, Tourism and Real Estate have played huge roles in boosting the infrastructure of the country, in terms uplifting the national economy. The key to this has been a massive elevation of the employment rate which has directly affected the lifestyle of the people. Real Estate has been a significant contributor to this fact and the infrastructural development. Since 1984, bti has been an integral part of this development.

This year is additionally special for bti as it marks the 38th anniversary of the company that pioneers in so many aspects. bti has been relentlessly augmenting the infrastructural development of Bangladesh to provide quality housing solutions for every segment of the society. Currently, it has become a brand that springs to mind at the top whenever discussing trustworthy real estate facilities and is proud to have enriched the lives of over 6000 happy customers to build their dream homes. Our progressive vision is fired with hard work, commitment to customers and an evolving corporate culture.

In the last 38 years, the company has deeply affected the dynamics of the industry. bti is the first real estate company to introduce Joint Venture Partnership in the real estate game. Being the founding member of REHAB, it the very first to bag an ISO 9001 Certification in the country’s real estate sector for service, design and construction, and in achieving AA3 ( currently, AA2) Credit Rating. Moreover, bti is the first to realize that real estate also requires careful Branding and Marketing to communicate with customers. In the developing field, bti has introduced residential lifts and the first 10 storied residential buildings as per FAR in Gulshan and Banani. The company is building the tallest residential building in North Gulshan boasting of 16 floors and has introduced home automation features through the ‘Smart Living’ concept with various projects. bti always thinks ahead and the Wellness Community projects are designed to help during pandemic situations to facilitate both the physical and mental well-being of the residents. In a restricted scenario, the residents can enjoy community living with facilities that encourage fitness of the mind and body.

Committed to maintaining design excellence, the company is trustworthy and reliable. To date, it has handed over more than 350 projects. There are glowing reviews for anyone to read from the company’s highly satisfied customer base and an outstanding record of timely handover. bti leaves absolutely no room for compromise when the customers’ safety and security are concerned and relentlessly pursues solutions against natural disaster issues, such as- purified drinking water supply, 24/7 surveillance, fire safety protocols, etc. bti has been the first to build earthquake-resistant buildings in Bangladesh.

bti has been leading the industry with unparalleled quality of construction while maintaining a non-compromising policy towards the building codes. And, the commitment does not end with project completion. The company believes in going the extra mile by providing maintenance services even after handover, in cases, extending to a lifetime relationship.

In terms of coming a long way, both Bangladesh and bti have made it far. The development of the two has been intertwined and synonymous. The future of the country looks even brighter and bti vows to be a significant part of it. Let this Independence Day denote the commencement of a new era of progress for all.