: The forty five year old who likes Girls Generation (a Korean

Today, as my own mom, a true baby boomer, celebrates her birthday, and has been mothering me for 42 years, I am amazed at the lessons I can still learn from her. As I scanned that picture of her as a young mom, of her just relaxing in a chair on a spring day, of her not behind the scenes of my childhood but in front of it, I realize she has left me a precious gift. The gift is not only this amazing picture, it is a lesson in picturing ME in my life.

After Soren realizes getting his old life back is a hopeless endeavor, he decides to just accept life as a pony. Heel Realization: After Soren realizes how harsh he’s being towards Lyra. Humiliation Conga: The whole story is a tragic one for Soren. Yea, about two minutes later I say “ok I want to have sex”. The fact that he was a perfect gentlemen made me want to bone him so bad. Shit like this can be cheesy or smooth, but it all depends on the situation and the emotions and feedback on both sides..

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