The look sends a message of power it says poise

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hermes birkin replica There are rules that are always adhered to the two inch heel, the hemline below the knee, the hem weighed down to avoid undignified wardrobe mishaps in windy conditions. The hats are small brimmed and tall replica hermes birkin (it is rare to see the Queen without any headgear headscarf, hat or tiara is worn unless she is indoors). The colours are bold, some might say difficult, pastels lemon yellow or coral and the silhouettes are tailored and suity. But it works so much so, in fact, that the style has become a kind of paradigm for female power dressing, and has been adapted and borrowed over the decades by the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Nicola Sturgeon and Hillary Clinton. The look sends a message of power it says poise, stature, not to be messed with. hermes birkin replica

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