The municipalities were not named

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knockoff handbags SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe City of Guelph is paying more than other municipalities for recycling, interim business service review of the city’s solid waste department has revealed.Currently, the city is paying an average of $92.63 per tonne of recyclable materials, which is the cost calculated after considering collection, sorting and the revenue from selling materials.City of Guelph Replica Designer Handbags to dig through 5,000 residential waste cartsGuelph researcher turning ‘Back to the Future’ fuel into realityOut of the seven municipalities that Guelph is compared to, six of them actually make a profit off of processing and selling recyclables, councillors heard at a special council meeting on Monday. The municipalities were not named, but the amount of money they made ranged from $2 to $85 per tonne.Peter Busatto, general manager of environmental services at the city, said there are a number of factors that could be driving costs up.”We’re running a facility, that just from the get go, isn’t as efficient as say a new facility that’s custom designed to do this kind of work,” Busatto told Craig Norris, host of The Morning Edition, on CBC Radio.Guelph’s material recovery facility was originally designed to sort both organics and recyclables, then converted to only do recyclables. Busatto said the older technology used may not be as efficient as some of the newer ones used by other municipalities.He added it could also be that Guelph isn’t as competitive when it comes to selling the materials because they don’t have a high enough volume to get a better pricing contract.”It’s a very commodities driven marketplace, where volumes can help,” Busatto said knockoff handbags.