The Senate gave final approval to a measure eliminating a rule

Lawmakers scrap Obama rules on coal mining, gunsWASHINGTON >> The Republican controlled Congress on Thursday scrapped Obama era rules on the environment and guns Replica Hermes Handbags, counting on a new ally in the White House to help reverse years of what the GOP calls excessive regulation. The Senate gave final approval to a measure eliminating a rule to prevent coal mining debris from being dumped into nearby streams, while the House backed a separate resolution doing away with extended background checks for gun purchases by some Social Security.By Kevin Freking and Matthew DalyThe Associated Press2 days agoClean air proposal for ports, rail yards, warehouses relies on cooperation, raising accountability questionsSouthern California air quality agency is poised to approve a 15 year air cleanup plan that contains no emissions limits for the ports, rail yards or warehouse complexes that attract large numbers of ships Hermes Replica Bags, locomotives and big rig trucks. Those vehicles are among the region greatest source of harmful emissions.

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hermes replica I called, again and again. It was late that night when I received a call from a phone in Tuscaloosa. I pressed the button with the worst kind of dread. Last month, Pence vetoed House Bill 1082, known as the more stringent than bill. This legislation would have prevented rules or standards stricter than federal law from going into effect until the Indiana General Assembly could have a say in the matter. Proponents of the bill believed it would protect businesses from rigorous environmental regulations hermes replica.