They intentionally decide not to change this though as they

These shows resonate because we see similar situations occurring in our own lives. The one you love is not always the one you bed; and the one you bed might not be the only one. The assumption that “One Plus One Forever ” is the ideal is being questioned as never before.

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Title Drop: 4 am begins with the words “We know the devil”, regardless of the path taken. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Jupiter is more subdued and quiet compared to the brash Neptune, though their clothes are an inverse of the typical trend that is associated with the trope, as Jupiter wears pants and a military jacket while Neptune wears a skirt. Extended in the True Ending to Venus, who is the most openly feminine of the three, and wears a male uniform.

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Gender Vocabulary Slip: Shuuichi Takatsuki once noticed that Shuuichi refers to herself with the pronoun “boku” which is used by boys, while Takatsuki refers to himself as “watashi” which is gender neutral and more formal. They intentionally decide not to change this though as they agree it suits them. Genki Girl: Chizuru and Sasa.

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