Time and again, Democrats and Republicans say, “I’m going to

Leading up to next week’s elections November 4 the mail, newspapers, radio and TV are saturated with political ads. Time and again, Democrats and Republicans say, “I’m going to fight for you.” That’s the big problem we have on all levels of government there’s just too much fighting. I’m looking for the candidate who says, “I’m going to work for you.” We need politicians who spend time “working” not “fighting” with their fellow legislators on the other side of the aisle..

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And now Wall Street is back to making record profits and bonuses. But its casinos aren’t doing anything for the 29.9 million Americans left jobless (or underemployed) by Wall Street’s crash. Meanwhile, the Great Recession plus the enormous bailouts plus ludicrous tax cuts for the super rich are running up our national debt.

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