To trace the stories of others requires much research

Succulents are easy to grow and most require similar care. They need high light and can take full sun if you acclimatize them slowly when moving them outdoors in spring. Most succulents will tolerate a temperature as low as 40 degrees, but few other than stonecrop and hens and chicks will survive a sub zero Minnesota winter.

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It is possible to discover some links by chatting to locals. To trace the stories of others requires much research. I undertook that research as I wanted to tell their stories and, through them, the story of everyone at war. Save your euros for a little splurge at the Porsche Design store, the world’s largest. At last count, the number of shops in the duty free stands at 250. Add to that 70 odd food outlets and you have all it takes to make the longest layovers pleasant.

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