‘Victim 4’ spends 4 hours detailing alleged sexual abuse

On the stand for nearly four hours, he told jurors about how he came to meet the fallen Penn State football legend, and how their relationship quickly branched into two weirdly different directions.

There was the public face of Sandusky, the champion of troubled youth and Joe Paterno longtime defensive coordinator.

Publicly, a mentor with a sterling reputation was exposing the troubled kid to a life the boy could never have imagined.wholesale nfl jerseys Sandusky allowed him to rub elbows with Penn State football players.

And then there was the private side, the man said, one filled with increasingly uncomfortable after hours encounters in the coaches shower room on the Penn State campus.

It was there, Victim 4 told jurors, where he unwittingly traded his innocence because it what his figure wanted.

At first, he testified, he was too scared to speak about these strange experiences. But eventually, he conceded, he kept silent because he had become infatuated with the perks.

He gained sideline access at Nittany Lions games the biggest show in town. He received trips to bowl games. Clothing, shoes and sporting equipment.

Finally, he testified that he was worried about his reputation at school. In his eyes, the loss of face with his classmates might be worse than the acts themselves.

He described the post workout showers. He said they progressed in a matter of weeks from naked bearhugs and wrestling matches to slow caresses with the mentor guiding the boy hand all over his body.

Ultimately, it progressed to Sandusky compelling the boy to perform oral sex on him, he testified.

was basically like, whatever happened there, never really happened, Victim 4 said.

He was the first witness in Sandusky trial. Victim 4 is likely to be one that the prosecutors from the state attorney general office consider to be among their strongest.

Prosecutors say Sandusky sexually assaulted 10 boys during a 15 year period, and he faces 52 counts. Prosecutors say he lured the alleged victims through the charity he founded for at risk youth, The Second Mile. Sandusky maintains his innocence.

Sandusky, wearing an olive green summer suit, sat still through most of Victim 4 testimony.

Victim 4 gave his name and hometown in open court, but The Patriot News is not publishing those details in keeping with the newspaper policy of not identifying possible victims of sex crimes without their consent. Joe Amendola, Sandusky attorney, tried to knock some holes in Victim 4 testimony.

He cited Victim 4 visit to the Sandusky home in 2010 with his girlfriend and their 3 year old.

Through questioning, Amendola also elicited that the man had minor brushes with the law as a juvenile. And he once lived in the same apartment complex as another of Sandusky accusers.

Victim 4 asserted Monday he didn know that person was an accuser until this spring, long after the charges were filed.

On the stand, Victim 4 offered compelling testimony to a packed Centre County courtroom.

He told of being referred to Second Mile camps in 1996 by school counselors concerned about his problems with his stepfather. In 1997, he went back and met Sandusky, perhaps drawing the coach attention when he performed a card trick.

Soon, Sandusky was in touch, asking if the boy would want to join him for a family picnic, Victim 4 testified.

He told jurors that led to regular on the Penn State campus.http://www.vondutchwatches.com/nfl10291.php The two would play basketball, racquetball or other games, and then shower together.

By that fall, Penn State football games were thrown into the mix. He began hanging with players and getting jerseys. He was able to be on the field at Beaver Stadium high church for central Pennsylvania on an autumn Saturday.

And in the showers after their private get togethers, at Sandusky guidance, hands were touching his penis and every other part of his body, pretty much, Victim 4 testified.

he putting your hand on him? prosecutor Joe McGettigan asked.

Sandusky fixed his gaze intently on the witness, but showed little outward reaction to the testimony. Occasionally, he wrote on a legal pad. Amendola rocked mechanically in his chair as he took it all in.

Victim 4 said Sandusky forced him to perform oral sex on him at least 40 times.

In his testimony and under cross examination, Victim 4 was clear about why he did not stop the relationship, or tell anyone about it.

didn want to lose this. I didn want to lose the good things I had. Jerry was like a father figure to me . and he was nice to me, other than those instances, Victim 4 testified.